The Ultimate Guide To Setlist Fm 2023

What is Setlist Fm 2023?

A free wiki-like service called
setlist fm allows users to exchange and compile setlists.
A setlist, according to

a document that details the songs a band or musical artist plans to perform during a particular concert.

According to setlist. fm, a setlist is a list of songs performed by a band or artist at an event.
Anyone who wants to share their expertise about setlists is welcome to upload and amend setlists (please take a look at our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Ad Choices).
It should be noted that using requires registration to update and add setlists.
Before making any changes to setlists, kindly read the rules.

Clauses of Use

The following describes the conditions (“Conditions”) under which you may use the
setlist fm website (the “Site”).

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You expressly accept these Terms, as they may be modified from time to time, by visiting or using the Site.

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The Ultimate Guide To Setlist Fm 2023

Registration of Accounts

You can look around the website without creating an account. 
To utilize some features of the Site, including booking or buying ticket, you will need to create an account. 
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You will have no control over your account or log in
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Top Alternatives to
setlist fm 2023

You can quickly compile a database of all the concerts you’ve attended.
Tag friends, share concert pictures and videos view setlists, and more!

Learn how your top competitors’ customers use the internet so you can exactly personalize your website experience for each stage of the customer journey.

Find shows and research the likely setlist before your favorite performers take the stage.

last. fm

The largest internet music service in the world is last. fm.
last. fm lets you listen online, research artists, and get music suggestions.

Discover how your leading competitor’s audience navigates the web so you can optimize your website’s user experience at each stage of the customer journey. has made available its social concert history API.

setlist fm, a well-known music business with Austrian roots but Liechtenstein operations, has provided an API that gives developers access to more than 96,000 concert setlists and a variety of other concert-related data.

The website is a free wiki-style repository for many different setlists, which can be shared with the help of a clever and attractive widget that looks like a handwritten setlist.

setlist fm hasn’t gotten funding yet, but it promises to be the “world’s biggest collection of setlists.” It also has a lot of social features that make it fun to use even if you haven’t been to a certain show.
Additional features include pop-up lyrics (which are taken from the startup’s other website,, as well as a statistics tool that displays which songs have been played, how frequently, and where.
In addition to using user-generated content, they are also using certain data.

setlist fm  API offers a wide range of opportunities for developers rather than concertgoers.

Not only do you have access to the setlists themselves, but also to additional information such as tours, artists, and venues.
With the launch, the startup was also able to get some well-known and not-so-well-known businesses to use their API. The most notable of these was the US-based Bands in Town, which gives you a good overview of the events happening in your city.

The wiki site Setlist. fm is now owned by Live Nation.

setlist fm, an outstanding wiki-like service for live performance set lists, has been acquired by Live Nation Entertainment for an unknown fee. is home to a community of music lovers who gather and exchange concert set lists online. As a result, the website has grown to house a database of more than 400,000 setlists for 25,000 artists playing more than 71,000 venues worldwide.

According to a press release sent by Live Nation this morning, the website reaches over 1.5 million unique visitors every month.

Changing setlists

A setlist is missing, please!
You’re very rude!

A: If you know of a concert that isn’t on but should be, just add it yourself (but be sure to check the Guidelines and the Tutorial first).

A: Either the venue or the date is incorrect, or the set list is inaccurate.

What should I do?

A: If you are certain there is an error in a setlist, feel free to make the necessary changes yourself.
However, be sure to cite a source while making your update.
In most cases, an online source or a link to a ticket stub should be enough.

Q: Someone changed my playlist! Is this even acceptable?

A collaborative community project,
setlist fm
This implies that setlists can be changed by anyone if they are inaccurate, absent, or incomplete.


A: If you’re very certain that the auto-correction is inaccurate, there’s an option in your user settings that allows you to display an enable/disable auto-correction checkbox on the edit form.


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