Six Ways To Make Your Business More Tech-Savvy

If you’re willing to start a construction business, you won’t think past nails and lumber. However, technology is something that always ends up becoming a more vital part of your business’s operations than you might think. Technology is one of the most critical components of any business that wants to grow, regardless of its size or nature. Unfortunately, if all companies knew this, they wouldn’t be waiting around and would readily embrace technology without any hesitation.

Owning a business that isn’t tech-savvy will result in financial and operational problems. Not to mention, it will slow down your company’s growth drastically. However, with the growing reliance on automation, AI, and various digital marketing techniques, the time is ripe for learning new things and adapting to a world where technology reigns supreme. If you’re hoping to take your business to a whole new level, running tech-savvy operations is the way to go to achieve long-term success. With that said, let us look at a few tips that will allow you to build a workplace culture around new technologies and make your company more tech-savvy.

Leverage data analytics

These days, businesses can gather data to help their customers through every point of their buying journey. Such data may include interactions on social media, digital clicks, mobile app usage, and much more. However, to make your customers feel personally valued, you need to leverage advanced data analytics.

Take the example of a retail clothing company that has a physical and online presence. It could hire a professional to analyze its online and offline point-of-sale data and its social media page data for better ROI. Data analytics is a fascinating subject if you know what you’re doing with all the info you gather. If the prospect sounds attractive, consider enrolling in an online masters in data science and upskill yourself. The internet makes flexible learning and simultaneously applying the knowledge in real-life situations very straightforward. You can take the reins of your business’s data analytics and decision-making parts into your own hands. As a result, it will help you increase sales further drastically.

Offer a better customer experience

Excellent customer service is something that new and existing customers appreciate a lot. It helps spread a positive word about your business, whether through word of mouth or social media platforms. Creating an easy-to-navigate website that allows your customers to modify details and manage transactions will make your business more tech-savvy in their eyes.

Create an app for your business

Nothing shows your customers that you are running a tech-savvy business more than a dedicated mobile app. However, most business owners don’t give much thought to creating such an app. They consider it a waste of time, effort, and, most importantly, money. Yet, billions of people use their smartphones to access information that helps them out in one way or another. Hence, it is wise to take advantage of such a situation by providing them with an on-the-go solution via a mobile app.

That said, your mobile app should be easy to use. A mobile app that is difficult to navigate and buggy will leave a bad impression on your customers, and they will uninstall it immediately. Moreover, a mobile app will provide you with another platform to keep your customers well-informed about any offers, discounts, product details, trials, etc. In the end, it is ideal for showing customers that you are willing to move with the times and make your business technologically superior.

Keep communication your topmost priority

Are your employees working overtime to provide round-the-clock support to your customers via the phone or email? If this is this case, give your employees a helping hand by implementing a live chat Call-To-Action on your business website. Or by creating a ticketing system that allows customers to get in touch with your support staff without any issues.

Furthermore, you can also include a dedicated frequently asked questions’ webpage on your business website to eliminate unnecessary back and forth communication. In the end, being a tech-savvy business includes improving your customer’s experience by providing them with a no-wait, hassle-free digital communication platform.

Hire good IT support

When you’re thinking about going all out with technology integration, you will need an expert to manage the entire integration process for you. An IT expert or firm- if your business’s scale is big- will allow you to stay well-informed regarding every technological advancement. This will also enable you to incorporate them into your business operations. In addition, doing so will ensure that you make the transition from old to new ways seamlessly. So, search for an IT expert or firm near your business’s location to ensure timely and excellent service and with as little downtime as possible.

Utilize email marketing

Email marketing is as impactful as it was a few decades ago, especially on mobile devices. Around 79 percent of the entire population uses their mobile devices to read emails. In comparison, the email-open rate for mobile devices has increased to approximately 180 percent over the previous three years. So if you think that email is dead, you should think otherwise!

Send out personalized emails to your customer. They will surely give it a view once a notification pops up on their mobile devices. Just like a mobile app, you can utilize email marketing campaigns to send out emails containing information about new products, discounts, offers, and product trials.


Do you feel that your business is trying to catch up to its competition technologically? Don’t worry, as you can utilize tons of tips and tricks to stay ahead of the curve and remain technologically sound. However, ensure that you make such a transition slowly and take everything one step at a time. Trying to incorporate everything in one go will prove to be counterproductive and result in unnecessary downtime.

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