OBS Black Screen Issue

OBS Black Screen, otherwise known as Open Broadcaster Software, is a free and open-source video recording and live broadcasting application.
I use  OBS Black Screen to capture the desktop of my Windows 10 computer.
However, since I purchased my new DELL XPS 15″, I’ve had difficulty getting the settings correct.
I get a blank screen each time I attempt to record my desktop using OBS Black Screen option.
Whatever I did,  OBS Black Screen would not go away.
This issue took me many days to resolve, but I eventually discovered the root cause.
Once you’ve identified the source, you’ll never have to struggle with the OBS Black Screen issue again.
As a result, today, I’ll demonstrate a few methods for resolving OBS black screen display capture in 2023.
By the way, Solution 3 worked on my XPS 15.

Why is my OBS Studio screen black?

To maximize efficiency, current notebooks and laptops use two graphics cards.
A specialized graphics processing unit (GPU), such as the Nvidia GeForce Series, can handle high-performance graphics when gaming or working with video and 3D models OBS black screen display
However, this graphics card uses a significant amount of electricity.
And if you’re only using your laptop to surf the web, work on a desktop, or watch Netflix, you won’t need this much power.
Thus, this is the point at which current laptops transition to integrated GPUs such as the Intel HD graphics series.
This is how modern laptops improve their efficiency and battery life OBS black screen display

Download the most recent graphics, card driver!

It may seem self-evident, yet several issues arise when your machine is not operating on the newest driver versions OBS black screen display
Therefore, before you begin, ensure that your Laptop is up to date with the newest driver updates.

What causes OBS  display a black screen?

We did a comprehensive analysis and analyzed all user instances in which the  OBS black screen happened during broadcasting.
Our analysis revealed a variety of possible reasons for the issue.
Among them are the following:


When you launch an application or a game, the operating system must decide whether to assign resources to the dedicated graphics card or the motherboard integrated graphics. 

This setting may have a detrimental effect on running mechanics, preventing  OBS black screen from streaming effectively. 

Administrator privileges: Because  OBS black screen is sharing your whole screen, the computer may limit OBS’ access, preventing it from showing your material. 

Typically, the issue is resolved quickly upon starting the software with administrator privileges. 

The conflict between 32-bit and 64-bit versions:  OBS black screen application is available in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. 

The correct version should be chosen based on the operating system installed on your machine. 

Otherwise, the program will be incompatible and will not function properly. 

Additionally, we have seen many instances of  OBS black screen being incompatible with the latest Windows version. 

When software is started in compatibility mode, it is compelled to start and run as intended. 

While overclocking may boost your PC’s performance, it may also affect your applications. 

Try deactivating overclocking to see if it helps. 

Other capturing programs might be operating in the background. 

This software may cause a resource race with OBS, causing  OBS black screen to malfunction and stop operating properly. 

OBS includes several capture options, such as capturing the entire screen or a single window. 

When selecting material to capture, the appropriate one should be chosen. 

With the Razer Ripsaw HD, OBS black screen appears on OBS and XSplit.

Issues with an OBS black screen may occur for several reasons.

To determine the reason and remedy the problem, follow these steps:

Ascertain if the source is correctly linked to the appropriate port.

If you’re capturing a game from your gaming console,

connect the HDMI cable to the game console’s HDMI output port

the Razer Ripsaw HD | RZ20 -02850 capture card’s HDMI input port.

If you have problems while utilizing screen capture software on a laptop or multi-GPU system, check that the necessary application services are running on the same GPU as the game or program being recorded.

How to Solve OBS Black Screen Issue 2023

You’re not alone if you’ve attempted to add a display capture to your source and get OBS black screen. Many Windows 10 users have encountered this problem.
They can often see the window capture sources, but the display capture produces a dark screen.
This is a significant issue if you want to display numerous windows on a single screen.
Let us go in and demonstrate how to resolve it.

Method 1 – OBS & Windows Update

OBS has officially published an update that should resolve this OBS black screen issue
You must upgrade OBS to version 27 or higher and Windows to version 1903 or above.

Method 2 – Graphics Settings Update

If you are using an earlier version of Windows, you may use the workaround below to enable Display Capture on your computer.

To begin, click the Windows start button and type graphics settings.

By clicking on browse under the graphics performance preference area, you may choose a Desktop App.

Additional Causes Of OBS black screen


If you attempt to record DRM material, you may notice that your display capture source displays an OBS black screen.
Digital rights management (DRM) is a term that refers to the process of securing copyrighted material.
For instance, if you attempted to record Netflix in OBS, you would be met with an OBS blank screen due to this material’s DRM protection.



You may use any techniques or approaches listed below to resolve  OBS blank screen problem.
Using the many options described in this post, you may record your game without an OBS blank screen
If not, you may use the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, the most acceptable option.
With this program installed on your PC, you may record and share any moment from your game.
Due to OBS Studio’s lack of security, you may easily switch to Screen Grabber Pro for an excellent video recording output.


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