sorry no manipulations with clipboard allowed

What is sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed?

Text, multimedia files, and other documents may be easily copied and moved throughout programs using the copy-and-paste feature.
With the Universal Clipboard functionality, you may copy and paste data from one Apple device to another throughout the entire Apple ecosystem.

Despite the ease with which data may be copied and pasted across programs and devices, some Mac users are unable to do so due to an error message stating ” sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed.”

Is There a Meaning to the sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed?


The “clipboard” is a virtual storage area that macOS uses when you copy text or files from your device.
Until you shut down your Mac or copy a new item, the copied item remains in the clipboard.
Using theĀ  ” sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed.” message implies you are unable to copy or paste data from your Mac’s clipboard.

A malfunctioning clipboard or an out-of-date OS can cause this error message to pop up on your Mac’s screen.
Also, malware and virus infections are possible causes of this issue.
One of the troubleshooting steps below should help eliminate the error.


The “Sorry, no operations with the clipboard permitted” issue on your Mac may be fixed in a variety of ways.
On your Mac, you have the following alternatives to choose from if you encounter this issue:
  • Restart your MacBook.
  • Find out whether you have a software update waiting
  • The Clipboard may be accessed using the Explorer.
  • Make use of the Activity Monitor.
  • The End-All-Be-All
  • This problem may be solved by using third-party programs.


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