How To Learn Subnautica Below Zero Map 2022

How To Learn Subnautica Below Zero Map 2022

The Subnautica Below Zero Map  is a vast arctic wasteland. Therefore, here are the coordinates for every important place.

Subnautica Below Zero Map  the successor to the aquatic Subnautica, reduces the temperature and heightens the danger, creating a true struggle for survival.
The Subnautica Below Zero Map contains different points of interest which can benefit your survival efforts.

However, the Subnautica map might be intimidating for beginner players, which is where coordinates come into play.
You can use these to warp to a specific location on the map, saving you the hassle of manually journeying there.
Traveling to the Subnautica Below Zero Map  will help you explore the world and better organize your scavenging missions.

What is Subnautica Below Zero Map of the World?

This map of the globe in  Subnautica Below Zero Map  will help determine where each coordinate will lead you.
The map is divided into distinct zones, each with its peculiarities and aesthetics:

Unknown World Amusement

Subnautica Below Zero Map
features a variety of areas to explore.

How to utilize coordinates on a map

Before you can begin using coordinates in Subnautica Below Zero Map , there are a handful of quick actions you must take:

  • Pressing the F1 key will display the coordinate grid on the map in Subnautica Below Zero.
  • This will open a window containing your current location and extra game information.
  • To fast-travel to a specific location, input the location’s coordinates and click “Enter.”
  • This should transport your character to a different position on the map of Subnautica Below Zero.

Subnautica Below Zero Map  Alterra Facilities Map

To locate the Alterra Facilities map, you must first travel to the Delta Station, shown on the map, as you proceed through the game.
When you approach the delta outpost, Marguerit Maida will request that you leave the station.
As soon as she departs, you will be allowed to traverse the Delta Station freely and scan all goods and resources you come across.

In one of the chambers, you will see a map of Alterra with markings but no lab names.
The names of these laboratories can be found in the graphic above.
Scan the map, and the information will be stored in a database that you may access at any time.
Alternatively, you may capture a screenshot of the map, which will appear on your PDA.


First, you must know where everything is located.
This is the map you will ultimately be able to find and scan in-game at the Delta outpost, allowing you to avoid needing to consult the internet every ten minutes.


There are some outposts to uncover on this map, although accessing them may be difficult for the uninitiated.

Delta Island

Delta Island occupies the center of the map; leave the safe starting location and travel towards the twisted spires.
Continue through this area until you reach a steep drop-off that leads to the thermal vents surrounding the island.

Koppa Mining Site

The Koppa mining site is situated southwest of Delta Island in an open pit approximately 140 meters deep.
Make sure you have a full tank and a sea glide, as the strike cannot fit within the door (easy, it’s not worth the risk of being stuck) to make quick journeys down into the mines until you obtain the prawn suit later on.

Outpost Zero

From the starting point, remain submerged and follow the ice wall eastward.
Eventually, you will enter a cave that will allow you to return to the surface and explore Outpost Zero Subnautica Below Zero Map

Delta Labs

Before embarking on this voyage, ensure that you have a robust car, as there will be numerous frightening critters along the path.
At this point, Marguerit will have shown; hence, you can proceed to her ‘last known location’ beacon.

Parvan’s Bunker Independent Structures

  • Coordinates Site 998 30 -873
  • Greenhouse of Marguerit 102-366-922
  • Marguerite Maida’s Base 0-451-1118
  • Marg Tech site Data Boxes
  • Coordinates Site 107 -33 -9
  • Indicator 253 -137 -420
  • Booster Tank 0 -451 -1118
  • Booster Tank 225 -103 -620
  • Control Room -114 14 -330
  • Subnautica Below Zero Map

Eccentric Biomes

  • Coordinates Site -381 -95 -818
  • Alterra Mining Site entrance -1399 10 -911
  • Glacier exit pool -1025 -159 -782
  • Glacier cave entrance -762 11 -195
  • Ice Sheet entry -710 4 -161
  • Ice Sheet entry -620 4 -109
  • Ice Sheet entrance -423 -166 -836
  • Crystal Caves entrance -62 -284 -996
  • Subnautica Below Zero Map


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