Tears Of Guthix Osrs

Overview Tears Of Guthix Osrs

The Serpent Juna is bored. Tears Of Guthix Osrs has forced her to rely solely on the amusing tales of each adventurer who comes by while living deep under Runescape. She’ll let you enter the cave to gather the wisdom tears if you can satisfy her lethargy. However, it would help if you first did a small chore to establish your worth.

What are Tears Of Guthix Osrs?

Players go on an adventure that begins at Lumbridge Swamp as part of the Tears of Guthix OSRS quest.
Players are charged with assisting Juna, a Guthix follower, in restoring a cavern.
As a result of the God Wars’ damage, the dungeons here are flooded with tears.

Guthix sheds tears as a result of Saradomin and Zamorak’s battles.
Guthix’s tears are said to have particular abilities that will aid you in learning more about what has happened.
Juna, the serpent we discussed earlier, guards the cave you will be traveling to.
On the other hand, Juna has grown tired of protecting the entrance for the previous 3,000 years.
She now wishes to hear tales from the skies.

Apply These Techniques To Improve Tears Of Guthix Osrs

If you’ve started or finished the quest ‘The Lost Tribe,’ you’ll know that the Lumbridge castle’s basement connects underground.
You can descend from the castle and proceed to Juna without worrying about wall creatures or swamp gas.
It’s still the right path to take, but it’s safer. Plus, the ‘The Lost Tribe’ quest does initiate an incredible story, so it’s a win-win situation.

Juna’s Interaction

She will chat with you and tell you a narrative about the  Tears Of Guthix Osrs if you approach her without a weapon.
Guthix was the God of Balance and one of the three primary gods, along with Saradomin and Zamorak, according to her.
During the God Wars, when the two gods led opposing forces and sought sovereignty of the universe, the globe burnt.

Guthix awoke from a deep slumber to witness the catastrophic damage the two powers were wreaking on the planet through their direct actions.
He halted the war right away, ordering all of the Gods to leave the world and communicate through cults and proxies.
But not before grieving in the same cave you’re in, lamenting the misery of the other Gods’ devastation of his planet.

Creating a Stone Bowl

You’ll return to the road and climb over some rocks—a big area cloaked in the darkness where light creatures can be seen floating spheres of light.
Use your lit sapphire lantern to entice one of these animals to you, and they will pick you up and transport you to one of the stone bowl’s rocks.

You can use the pickaxe on the rock to obtain a magical stone, which you can then construct into a stone bowl with your chisel.
After that, you can hand the bowl over to Junia to complete the objective and gain access to the weekly “Tears Of Guthix Osrs ” Minigame.

Can I Upgrade My Experience Gained In Any Way? – Tears Of Guthix FAQ

Answer: Unlike other products or games where you can wear certain items or gear to increase your experience, there is nothing you can do to improve the experience you receive through crying.

The Lumbridge Hard Diary, a series of chores that you must do in and around Lumbridge, is the only way to enhance the experience bonus gained.

After completing those chores, you will receive several awards, one of which is a 10% gain in experience from the Tears of Guthix minigame.

Question: How Can I Maximize My Minigame Experience?

Answer: If you want to collect the most tears, you should have the most quest points possible before entering the cave.

Also, choose a wall and stick to it because most walls have two or three streams, and not all of them will turn green simultaneously.

Pick a wall and shuffle from stream to stream rather than going back and forth from wall to wall if you want to spend less time racing from wall to wall and more time gathering tears.

Furthermore, the quality of your experience will be proportional to the amount of time you have in the caverns.

The amount of time you spend in the cave is proportional to the number of quest points you have, so store up on quest points to obtain as many seconds as possible! 

Guthix’s Tears OSRS Quest Requirements

Although this is a straightforward task, you will need to get specific equipment and skill levels before completing it.
First and foremost, you must have 43 Quest Points to begin Tears Of Guthix Osrs.

Requirements for Skill

You must have 49 Firemaking, 20 Crafting, and 20 Mining skills.
Before you attempt Tears of Guthix, make sure you have them!

Requirements for Items

There will be five items that you will need to bring with you.
To begin, you’ll need a Lit Sapphire Lantern, which you can get by cutting a Bullseye Lantern with a Cut Sapphire.
A Chisel, Tinderbox, Pickaxe, and Rope are also required.
Remember that the Rope is only required if you have never previously visited the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.


Make sure you have all of the necessary items before beginning this quest.
Though helmets are not required, they are recommended to avoid potential damage.
You are now prepared to travel to Juna and accomplish the Tears Of Guthix Osrs!


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