A Twitter account called @thatsTamil is run by the Tamil news site OneIndia Tamil.
The Tamil news site OneIndia Tamil or a subdomain of OneIndia Tamil. is a particular website that gathers data from various sources, like emails, online forums, and search engines, and presents it in a single place.

Usually, each source of information has its section on the page where it can be shown (called a portlet), and the user can generally choose which ones they want to show.
In this example, portals can be different. Mashups and intranet “dashboards” for executives and managers are two examples.
How much content is shown in a “uniform way” may depend on who the user is, the goal, and how diverse the range is.

It’s called – OneIndia


An extensive website called Tamil ( has a lot of information about politics, sports, and current events in India and around the world.
It is a news site that is part of the national news site OneIndia.

On Twitter,

There are a lot of people who follow Oneindia Tamil on Twitter. They are called @thatsTamil, and they have a lot of fans.
It was made in 2008. OneIndia Tamil has a Twitter account.
There are only 40 people who follow the OneIndia Tamil Twitter account as of 2021.

An Indian news site called

Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd owns, an Indian web platform started by BG Mahesh and is now run by the company.
You can find everything from news and sports events to videos and ads on the internet in seven different Indian languages, as well as English.

It has an Alexa rank of 134 in India as of June 2021, which is a good number.

  • Many people follow OneIndia news on social media, and their different language portals are viral in other parts of the country.
  • On Facebook, the OneIndia page has been liked by 153947 people, and the portal posts to Facebook often, as of 202.
  • It seems that many people are coming to the website from Facebook.
  • It has more than 63,000 followers, and its readers love it.
    In 2008, the Twitter account was set up. Since then, the Twitter handle has tweeted and retweeted more than 400k times.
  • The account tweets link to stories and analyses from their website.
    As a side note, the account posts essential news about the world on Twitter all the time.
    However, the account only follows 624 people, including the official version of the Karnataka BJP party.
    Most of the other sites that the accounts follow are news sites, and most of them are.

Equal to are other sites.

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