The Armani Top 4 New Emporio Armani Timepieces

The Armani Family has been in the industry for quite some time now. Giorgio Armani founded the Armani fashion house in the mid-1970s. Within that time, they ensured to make a name in the industry by providing the best there is and focusing on people’s modern traits and trends. By this, they captured the heart of many.


Emporio Armani watches have been in demand for a long time. Many big names have been wearing them, including Beckham, Rihanna, Ronaldo, Megan Fox, and many more celebrities. The timepieces of Emporio Armani have been designed and made by the great Giorgio Armani himself. Here are some of the great ones he made.

Emporio Armani Kappa Quartz Black Dial Brown Leather Men’s Watch

Many people already know that Emporio Armani Watches has a price that comes with them. They know that they are not only paying for the name; they are also paying for all the unique features and designs that those wristwatches have to offer. So let’s start with the cheapest and most affordable available in the market right now. 


The Kappa Quartz Black Dial Brown Leather is only amounting to approximately $1,500-$2,000 but will not let you down on its features. It has a leather strap with a solid, stainless-steel case and a black luminescence finish. But the best part about this is that it has luminous rose gold hands, which gives this a classic yet classy design.

Emporio Armani Renato Quartz Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Another watch on the list is the Emporio Armani Renato Quartz Blue Dial, which is about the same price as the other one on the top but has a different design. It has an amount of approximately $1,700-$2,300 only. One can say that this is a budget-friendly wristwatch that is carrying the Armani brand. 


The Renato Quartz Blue Dial is not the classic type with a leather strap, but instead, it has a stainless steel finish for both its band and the watch’s case with a solid back. It also has a water-resistant feature of up to 50 meters, and its rose gold-toned hands are the ones that make it stylish and unique.

Emporio Armani Floral Motif Quartz White Dial Ladies Watch

Let’s up the game a bit with the Floral Motif Quartz White Dial. This is a wristwatch made for women that gives a chic and polished aura to whoever wears it. This timepiece’s price range is about $2,700-$3,000, but with that extra cash comes many more specs and features that you will love.


The Floral Motif Quartz White Dial has a stainless steel bangle for a strap and, of course, a stainless steel case that makes it stylish. Though it doesn’t have any numbers embedded on it, like many other ladies’ wristwatches, it does have a floral motif and a white dial finish with rose gold-tone dials.

Emporio Armani Skeleton Automatic White Dial Unisex Watch

The last but not the cheapest one on this list is the Skeleton Automatic White Dial. It has an amount of about $3,800-$4,500 in its tag. But the price is not the only thing that has been upgraded, and the state-of-the-art design will make even the most prestigious wristwatch enthusiast drool.


It has a pure leather strap and stainless steel with a round-shaped case that all the classic lovers would enjoy. But it has a twist. Its transparent back gives you the ability to see all that is happening at the end of a wristwatch.

Add Emporio Armani To Your Collection

Emporio Armani has always been careful and makes sure that all their designs will capture all people’s hearts while also making sure that the masterpieces they made will not get out of style quickly. That is the main reason why Armani has always been one of the best designers of this era.

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