The Best Digital Marketing Hacks for ECommerce Businesses

Whenever internet users log on to the web, they are bombarded with many ads on every web page. According to a report, an internet user comes across about 11,250 ads every month on an average.

With so much competition over the online platform, you need to find innovative ways to grab your visitors’ attention and share the required information. Here are a few digital marketing hacks that the use to bring you to the top and significantly boost your leads to overcome predominant challenges:

 Implement Conversion Rate Optimisation Processes

Ecommerce is growing every year, so it’s important to make sure you are making it easy for your users. Digital Marketing is a continual improvement process to make it easy for users to transact on your website. There are many ways to monitor and improve the user experience on a website. You can install software like Hotjar to collect data to see how users move their mouse around your pages and how far then need to scroll to find what they are looking for. You can ask users on the completed checkout page questions – like “Thank you for purchasing today. To help us make your experience better next time, is there anything that made you nearly NOT purchase from us today?”. Most people will not answer questions like this, but those who do (over time) will help you to improve your checkout funnel.

Place Popups Creatively

To make sure that your visitors do not leave without entering their data, place your popups strategically, and give them multiple chances to input their information. Having a popup with exit-intent is an effective yet simple way to give your traffic a chance of conversion before they leave.

Giveaway or Host a Contest

An excellent hack that can encourage your visitors to share their details would be to host a contest or give away an item that your audience might be interested in. You can use the power of urgency to get quick information from your visitors, such as giving them 36 hours to register for a contest. This will successfully compel a user to enter their information, and they will probably come back to your site for the results also.

Use Gated Content

When you post long-form content on your websites, such as an ebook, infographic, or download, you can place it behind a form of lead capture and request your visitors to provide their contact details before they can start the download.

You may offer gated content in your resource library and include actionable and useful information in it. To build a successful offer of lead generation, it is important first to identify your target audience and know their position in a buyer’s journey.

Make Use of Video Marketing

Videos are the easiest type of media to digest over there. When you scroll your social media feeds, you must have seen lots of video posts. The trend of video marketing is sure to stay, as more than 70% of marketing experts claim that videos are more successful in producing conversions than other forms of content.

Offering video demonstrations is a leading magnet that works as a successful hack for business.

Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most cunning marketing hacks that help you gain trust by using a name or face to recognize your brand’s endorsement. Having the right influencer for your business is crucial. For instance, if your business deals in fashion clothes, then having your brand endorsed by a stylish actress would help a great deal.

Keep Testing

Once you set up your website, pop-ups, ads, and landing pages correctly, you need to check and optimize your marketing efforts consistently. The best digital marketing companies will monitor your marketing strategy and see which elements are working best and which ones are not working at all. Accordingly, you can make the needed changes to achieve the desired results.

Many eCommerce businesses focus on customer acquisitions only for growth, but by using these simple and doable hacks, you can gain growth in an engaging way. While they may take time to set up initially, the benefits you receive later will be worth it.

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