Would you like to play retro games on the go once again? Obviously finding an actual handheld console is in some cases impossible, expensive, and time-consuming. Luckily, there is an alternative. Now you can get a handheld emulator, which will allow you to play classic games without any fuss. This is the time when we will list the top 10 choices of this kind.

Download 10 Best Hand-Held Emulators:

1# GPD XD Plus:

GPD XD Plus is the most advanced the most expensive and the most appealing choice you can make. It is powered by MT8176+PowerVR Hexa-core, has 4GB of RAM, and runs on Android 7.0. It also has A Vulkan engine that offers amazing performance at any given moment. The unit is small and compact. It can fit any pocket and once unfolded, you can use 5 inches touchscreen. LAN 802.11 and Bluetooth are supported as well. In addition, it fully supports Google Play.


  • Display
  • Power
  • Vulkan Engine
  • Android


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2# MJKJ Handheld Game Console:

MJKJ Handheld Game Console comes with 4.3 inches screen and 3000 classic retro games all installed in the device. The unit can be paired with games originally developed for GBC, NES, SEGA, GB, GBA, SFC, and NEOGEO. Additional options include a camera, an mp3 player, and also a gallery. 4.3 inches screen is TFT. 720p TV output is available.

MJKJ Handheld Game Console


  • 3000 games
  • Multiple OS support
  • Gallery
  • Camera


  • Average ROMs
  • Weak battery

3# Handheld Game Console, RG350:

Handheld Game Console, RG350 has introduced a few years ago. But, this version was significantly upgraded for 2019. The console comes with an IPS screen of 3.5 inches (320×240 pixels) and a new joystick that has 360 degrees movement. It supports all major operating systems in retro consoles, so there won’t be any issues. The manufacturer ships the product with 2500 games already installed into the unit. The battery inside is 2500 mAh. You can play for 6 hours before you will have to recharge the battery. In addition, you can use the device as a player, eBook reader, watch videos, and more.

Handheld Game Console, RG350


  • 360 degrees joystick
  • IPS screen
  • Battery
  • Game download


  • Transparent casing
  • TF card support

4# PocketGo Portable Handheld:

PocketGo Portable Handheld is a simple, versatile, and appealing choice for us many. It has compact dimensions that allow it to fit any pocket. But, it also supports 10+ operating systems meaning you can play games for 10 different retro consoles. L and R buttons are available. 8GB micro SD card is included in the package. Players can use save and load features for most games. The screen is 2.4 inches, IPS with decent resolution. The CPU inside is AllwinnerF1C100S while RAM is 32MB. You can expand the memory up to 128 GB.

PocketGo Portable Handheld Retro Game Player


  • Small design
  • IPS screen
  • Up to 128GB of memory
  • Value for money


  • 32MB of RAM
  • Ordinary design

5# Weikin Handheld Game Console:

weikin Handheld Game Console may look like a small and simple device, but it is far from that. It comes with 168 games pre-installed and it can be linked to a TV. Users get a controller in the package that can be used to navigate and control games on a TV. With a single charge, you can play games for 8 hours. This is an 8-bit device.

weikin Handheld Game Console


  • Classic design
  • Battery life
  • TV compatibility
  • Controller included


  • Hard to find
  • Only 168 built-in games

6# CHAONATECH Handheld Game Console:

The device is a mixture of old and new, modern and classic. The best way to see this is if you take a look at the console. It is one of a kind design. The system is 8-bit and as soon as you get the device you can play 333 well-known games. They are pre-installed. With one charge of a battery, you can play games for up to 4 hours. Available options include black and transparent. The display is TFT with a size of 3 inches. Connecting the device to a TV is possible.

CHAONATECH Handheld Game Console, Portable Video Game 3 Inch HD Screen 333 Classic Games,Retro Game Console


  • Appealing design
  • 333 popular games
  • 8-bit device
  • TV connection


  • Uncomfortable to use
  • Battery life

7# Handheld Game Console, Retro Mini Game Player with 500 Classic FC Games:

The device we have here is special. It is designed to look like Game Boy from a while back. As soon as you turn it on, you will be presented with 500 games. All popular and well-known titles are available here. The battery life is 6 hours although in some cases, it can drop to 5 hours. Players can use a controller, connect the device to a TV, and play in multiplayer mode (up to 2 players). The gadget is small and compact, suitable for carrying and play.

Retro Mini Game Player with 500 Classic FC Games


  • 500 games
  • TV compatibility
  • A separate controller
  • 6 hours of battery life


  • Red version only
  • Possible shipping issues

8# HigoKids Handheld Game Console:

Handheld Game Console with HD 2.5 inches Screen, Built-in 152 Games has been one of the most affordable options on the market. It is packed with 152 games, which isn’t much but all major titles are available. You can connect it to a TV using AV cable and play using the controller itself. The device is very small with dimensions of 4.33 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches and a total weight of under 1.5 ounces. The screen is 2.5 inches in size (HD).

HigoKids Handheld Game Console for Children 8-Bit Retro Video Game Player with 2.5 inches LCD Screen The 80's 90's Arcade Video Gaming System Built-in 152 games


  • Slim design
  • Value for money
  • Great package
  • Durable


9# JXD 4.3 inches 8GB Handheld Portable:

JXD 4.3 inch 8GB Handheld Portable is a powerful and modern device. It is designed to look like Sony PSP. It has a 4.3 inches display and 8GB of memory. You get over 1200 games implemented already and all major consoles are supported such as GBA, GBC, SEGA, SMC, and many more. Additional games can be downloaded. The unit comes with a calculator, camera, eBook reader, and mp3 and mp5 support.

JXD 4.3 inch 8GB Handheld Portable Game Console Built in 1200+Real Video Games for gba gbc SFC fc and SMD Games


  • OS support
  • 8GB of memory
  • Clever design
  • Large display


  • Hard to find
  • Poor customer support

10# Goolsky X16 Handheld Game:

Goolsky X16 Handheld Game is another similar gadget to Sony PSP, but with a more modern device. It has 29 languages supported and it offers a massive 7 inches screen. 8GB memory is included, but you can expand it to 32GB. TF card support is available. Connectivity is possible via USB, PC download of new games, and also TV connection.

Goolsky X16 Handheld Game Video Game Console with Double Rocker for GBA NES Games


  • Modern design
  • Connectivity
  • 29 languages
  • Large display


  • Expensive
  • Attention to detail


We like the GPD XD Plus the most. This unit is the most powerful of them all, runs on Android, and has a Vulkan engine. At the same time, it is compact, offers a large screen and great controls. If the price isn’t a problem for you, then this device is the best possible option, period.

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