Top 4 Chopard Watches To Look Out For

Chopard has not been on the market for so long. They began their creations just last 1996. This means this is only a little over 20 years old. But they did their best and quickly rose to fame and gained recognition because of their design and quality of their craft. Chopard is an underdog in the industry. 

They have the top of line crafts because they treat all their artists and designers with total care, making them love their work and do their best to gain the respect and recognition that the brand deserves. Here are just some of the best wristwatches that they made so far.

Chopard LUC XPS Automatic White Dial

Let’s start with the cheapest and most affordable of all the LUC Chopard watches. This watch is the cheapest of them, but this does not mean that this has the least quality. With approximately $5,000-$6,000 only, you can have a top of the line wristwatch with a classic look and design.

The Chopard LUC XPS Automatic White Dial Men’s Watch comes with a black alligator strap made of pure leather and a stainless steel crown and pin buckle. This also has a case made of pure see-through sapphire crystal and a water-resistant base, giving this timepiece the classy and sassy design while staying classic.

LUC GMT One Automatic Black Dial

Another one on the list of LUC watches is the LUC GMT One Automatic Black Dial. This piece is a little pricier than the one we mentioned before, but it will not fail to amuse you. The LUC GMT One Automatic Black Dial was uniquely designed and created for men’s use because of its appearance, black-colored base, and fantastic chronometer design.

The LUC GMT One Automatic Black Dial is a wristwatch worthy of its price because of flawless quality and stunning black dials. It also has a stainless steel strap which is safe to use and is highly comfortable. This watch has an elegance that makes it classic menswear, which has a price of approximately $7,000-$8,000 only.

LUC Time Traveler One Automatic Black Dial

The LUC Time Traveler One Automatic Black Dial has a design specifically made for all international travelers because of all the countries and states embedded on the case’s side. It does not tell the specific time of said country, though, but it has a unique way of saying that you are a person who loves traveling.

With all the exemplary elegance, class, and perfect quality, one can say that this is a state-of-the-art masterpiece. The LUC Time Traveler One Automatic Black Dial is the perfect wristwatch for a gentleman who loves a classic look. That is because of its eccentric design and sophisticated features and is only amounting to $9,000-$10,000.

LUC Regulator Automatic Silver Dial

This last wristwatch on this list is not the least. Not only because it comes with many amazing and unique features, but it also comes with an excessively high price. It costs approximately $25,000-$30,000. Yes, it is quite pricey, but you would not regret buying it when you see all the specs and features that this watch has to offer.

The LUC Regulator Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch is a wristwatch with an 18-karat rose-gold case and a silver dial with a sun-ray satin-brushed motif design. The strap is made of an alligator/crocodile leather, and the back of this wristwatch has a skeleton transparent exhibition and see-through finish.


Wristwatches and other timepieces have already dominated the market. Many other wristwatches are beautifully designed and created. But since Chopard already made a name for themselves, even in an insanely short amount of time, maybe there will be a lot more luxurious watches in store for you.

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