TOP 5 Best The Best Smart Home Devices Of 2020: Google And Amazon Lead The Way Tips You Will Read This Year

If you have already started connecting various devices and installations around your home So maybe most of you are thinking now that many of us are under house arrest

You will find that there are many ways to deal with this problem. You may want to use only one device to solve a particular problem, such as lighting a smart plug regularly.

You can also invest in smart speakers powered by Amazon Alexa- or Google Assistant, or Siri and Apple Home Kit Smart Home service.I want to think of voice assistants to make my home smarter

They offer an easy way for multiple people in your home and roommates to communicate with different devices in your home.

Many of our list of the best smart home products, but not all products will work with multiple voice assistants

Our list is briefly focused, though, on the best products in every Smart Home subcategory

If you want to know the best smart thermostat or the best smart lighting kit, no matter what sound platform it works on, we’ve got you covered.

What’s not on this list is a roadmap for a single, integrated smart home installation (you won’t try to pair any Google Smart Display with an Amazon Smart Speaker).

For that, please refer to the listings based on our platform attached below:

The best Amazon Alexa devices of 2020
The best Apple HomeKit devices of 2020
The best Google Assistant devices of 2020

In each subcategory entry, I’ve added a link to the best list for this particular product type.

If you’re looking for more options for lighting or locks, you’ll find a list of our favorite products if you want to see a wider selection.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

The best smart speaker

Amazon’s Advanced Level Eco Dot Leads to Competitive Google Home Mini Speaker

But with the advent of the new, known as the Google Nest Mini, we are officially equating the entry-level smart speaker category.

Both speakers will run you around $ 50 in a typical day, and you can get them both regularly discounted

The auxiliaries of both voices are still in equation. Amazon generally boasts more expertise and support for more third party devices.

But the number of both voice platforms is in the tens of thousands, meaning the difference is not enough that you will really miss out on anything important with Google.

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Google Now does a great job mimicking the flow of natural conversation

But the difference is that in your daily conversation with each speaker, it is not really so significant

Most of the time you will ask the smart speaker to set the timer for the weather

And maybe play a couple of songs in it. Both devices are good.

Amazon was our choice because of a small hardware advantage. It has an audio out jack. Google Home Money, and Nest Money

Now, EchoDot also offers a different shape in which an LED watch is embedded around its edge, for a further Dollar 10. It features an easy quality of life.

Google has another card to play, which you can read below. Read our Amazon (third generation) review.

Google Nest Mini

The other best smart speaker

Google’s new Nest Mini Smart Speaker improves its predecessor, the Google Home Mini, in a number of ways.Google improves audio quality in Nest Mini, boosting its bass outputIf you enter it, it also includes a wall mount mark below it.
Using a speaker and microphone to determine your proximity to the Nest Mini is a new way to detect a newcomer. This helps to activate the LED indicator

Which helps you better understand such obscure body volume control.

That’s fine – this is a mess, but it’s something that puts the nesting mini on the edge.It is a machine learning chip embedded in a small speaker.With this chip, Google says Nest Money can learn what you order it most often

And then it will start executing these orders locally instead of on Google’s servers.

Anything that helps control your smart home inside your home.You are allowed to issue some voice commands even when the Internet is down

And better times for answers. For all of them, the machine learning chip equals the Google Nest Mini with the Amazon Echo Dot and its separate audio input jack.

Now look at a speaker that has both. Read our Google Nest Mini overview.

Google Nest Hub

The best smart display

Amazon may have introduced the smart display with Echo Show But Google has improved the concept with Nest Hub (formerly Home Hub) in terms of its design And the way it uses its voice assistant.

In Nice Hub you get the same Google Assistant features that you get with the Google Home speaker line

As well as a screen interface that gives you just the right amount of visual feedback

It will show you your spoken commands so you know Google heard you correctly .He can be very tactful with the help of popular cooking websites And it displays its camera feed seamlessly on screen with Google-backed smart home cameras and video doorbells.

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Google chose to add a video camera to the Hub as a rule
Citing some privacy concerns, he also suggested that Amazon add a manual video shutter to its new, smaller Echo Show 5 display If you really want a Google-based smart display that allows video chatting So, some third party options can meet that. Even without it, Nest Hub has the best, cheapest voice assistant and a display interface on the market. Read our Google Nest Hub review.

Amazon Echo Show 8

The best smart display for Alexa

Amazon’s Midter Smart Display is the best in its line. Excellent audio quality in 130$K, Echo Show 8

Privacy Assurance is approved with a highly visible screen and a physical shutter that lets you slide on your camera.

Regardless, those of you who are only committed to the Ecclesiastical ecosystem

Echo Show 8 is the best smart display. Read our Amazon Echo Show 8 review.

Google Nest Wifi

The best mesh router

Wi-Fi is everything – especially once you have a smart speaker Start spreading smart lights, smart plugs and smarts and other things from room to room. However, those connected dodpads won’t do you much good if they can’t, you know, get connected.

That’s why a mesh router designed to deliver a strong, high-speed signal in your home can work especially smart upgrades Especially if you live in a big house. And, about which we have tested,

According to him, we choose Nest Wi-Fi. At 9,269, the two-piece starter kit could fill a 5,800-square-foot CNET smart home with reasonable signal strength

And he never lost touch with us because we went around doing speed tests after speed tests. In the upper part of it

The range extender doubles as a smart speaker, so as you extend reliable connections from room to room,

At the same time, you can spread the word about Google Assistant in your home.

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Nest Wi-Fi does not support the latest, fastest version called Wi-Fi 6 But you won’t really notice the difference unless you are already paying for high speed internet

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