TOP 6 i miss my cafe websites 2022

To get in the zone, go to a coffee shop TOP 6 i miss my cafe websites 2022
The noises of a coffee shop may be sent right to your computer through one of these websites.

Having ambient music playing in the background might help you stay focused.
Noise might actually help you think more creatively since your brain has to work harder to overcome the distractions that surround you.

Even if you’re not a coffee fan, cafés have become a popular place for employees to be focused and productive, regardless of their personal preferences.
Here are six websites that bring a coffee shop to your home or office.

1. I Miss My Cafe

Look no further if you’re looking to replicate the ambiance of your favorite café.
I Miss My Cafe is one of the most visually appealing websites for coffee shop sounds on the Internet.
If you’re a visual person, you’ll be blown away by this piece of art.
Line artwork and simple typefaces adorn the site, which is both attractive and functional.

I Miss My Café’s primary feature is the ability to allow you to create your own unique mix of cafe sounds.
You may choose from a variety of different noises, including recordings of a barista talking to customers and the particular loudness of cups and machines.

For those who want complete control over their acoustic environment, this site is an excellent option.
Your sound may be panned to the left or right ear with this feature.

If you’re a music fan who loves listening to your local cafe’s playlist, this is a terrific website to visit.
A Spotify playlist is available to further improve the experience, however, if you are not logged in you may only listen to 30-second samples.
All in all, this is the greatest place to design a café experience that’s all about the coffee.

2:LifeAt Virtual Spaces 

If you’re working from home, LifeAt can help you keep up with your studies.
Choose from an assortment of films that will help you stay focused on your work.
The’study with me’ option is available on YouTube for people who love watching these kind of programmes.
Popular features include the “celebrity” option, which allows you to study with your favourite celebrities in the comfort of your own home.
But if you like a more ambient setting, there are lots of solutions available.


No virtual café experience is complete without Coffivity’s custom crafted and pre-blended sounds.
The free sounds provided are more than adequate for the ordinary worker, even though the premium tier gives twice as many sounds (with particular geographical themes).
Only volume adjustment and stopping and restarting sounds are available for control in this app.


Trees in the forest (App & Chrome Extension)

Focusing on the present moment and reducing digital distractions are the main goals of Forest, an app that encourages you to do just that.
You may start planting your tree as soon as you decide how long you want to concentrate on it in the app.
After this period, your tree will begin to die unless you return to the app immediately.
If you’re plagued by digital distractions, this software may help you stay on task.
You can’t visit any of the websites you’ve added to your blocklist while using the Chrome extension.
To keep track of how long you’ve studied, you may create a ‘forest’ out of trees and flowers.


You may listen to music from a variety of cafés on Hipstersound, a well-designed website.
If you’re looking for the most options for enhancing your listening experience, this is the best option.
There is a freemium model similar to Coffivity on this site.
Buzz of a Busy Texas Cafe; Les Charmant Cafés du Paris; and Gentle Hum of a Quiet Restaurant are three public demo sounds that you may access.

6:Toggl Track (App & Website)

The Toggl Track app is similar to Forest in that it enables you to keep track of how much time you spend on various projects and hashtags.
Using this tool, you can keep track of how much time you spend on schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and even across different courses.

7:Rainy Cafe

If you’re searching for a modest cafe, Rainy Cafe is your best bet.
Only the Cafe and the Rain may be turned on and off on this website.

Both of these noises may be adjusted in loudness, but there are no additional options for personalization.
This has the added benefit of allowing you to listen just to the rain (moderate thunder effects included).

It’s time to get to work!

Get to work, now that you’ve discovered your new go-to coffee shop for expertly mixed soundtracks.
It doesn’t matter whether you go for Rainy Cafe’s one-and-done approach or (Restaurant’s) remix-your-own approach; these background noises may help you be more productive.

So get yourself a cup of coffee, put on your new favorite playlist, and get to work.

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