“Mainly focused on Discord bots, but also maintains a list of Discord servers,” says the website
In addition to websites, there are a number of applications for Discord, SaaS, and Android that may be used in place of Top. gg is the finest free alternative.
You may also try BladeBotList (Free), (Free), Top. gg and Discord Bots Catalog (Free).

Overview Top. gg

Hello there, Developers!
Thank you for visiting the developer documentation.
You are now reading the API documentation for version 0 of our platform.
A new API version is coming shortly, so keep an eye out for updates.

Best Alternative 2022

Our goal is to have the largest discord server list.
We started this website because we were fed up with the constant bumping that occurs on so many popular lists.
Users and owners alike are harmed by these systems.

Use our discord bot list to discover the best bots for your server.
Vote for your favorite bots by reading about them and learning more about them.

Discord Bots Catalog

The best discord bots for your interests, such as moderation, fun, anime, economy, etc. may be found here.
Check out some of our favorite discord resources.

HIPAA Compliance by Secureframe

It’s simple to comply with HIPAA regulations thanks to a team of specialists.

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