Trends in Social Media Marketing That You Must Not Miss in 2021

The growth of social media has been astounding. Offline businesses slowly made their business digital and they’re looking forward to leverage this growth or social media. The main advantage of social media brings along is the huge amount of data.

You think about it, if we have a lot of information about your customer, you can easily target them. Having more information about the customer means that you know their lifestyle, their habits, as well as their preferences. Thus, you can sell them the right product.


In the longer term it will actually help your organization to gain a following of loyal customers. Isn’t it really awesome?


2021 has seen some of the excellent trends when it comes to social media marketing. In this article we look into the top four trends in social media marketing that we should be aware of. 


So, without wasting any further time, let us dive straight into the four modern trends in social media marketing. 



1:People want to see you live:


 If you’re a business, or if you’re a celebrity, live streaming has become quite popular in 2021. You really don’t want to miss out on this, especially with the fact that the live streaming increases the engagement by close to 65%.

Going live is a sign of authority, trustworthiness and belief. Moreover, if you want to create your own brand value, it is very important that you actually go ahead and interact with your clients on a regular basis. Other than the benefits mentioned, it will also help you in building your Confidence in facing the camera.


2:Modify your content to make them stories:


 Every social media handle is actually experimenting out with stories. Stories have been quite successful because of the fact that it’s shorter in duration and also quite trendy. As a user you would not have to scroll through your newsfeed to understand what your friends and family are doing.

The best thing about stories is that they keep on moving from one to another automatically.

Stories are one of the best things that are present in social media, and if you’re looking for it to grow, your social media handles, then you should leverage the stories.


3:Augmented reality is the key trend: 


Social Media is becoming more and more inclusive. Augmented reality and virtual reality are taking up a new shape.

One example of augmented reality are the filters that are being used by Snapchat. The filters allow us to get into a different zone of reality and ensure that you actually enjoy the best of both worlds.

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4:Shopping is going to change completely:

 Social commerce is a new thing that’s coming up. People are not actually making their stores in any commerce website, but they’re taking up the tools like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to showcase their products and sell them.

The biggest benefit of that is the network effect. Every time you click on something on Instagram, your friends in your circle get notified about the same. Probably if you do not like any product, friends might and that is what keeps the business a chance to increase their lead.

A very cool thing to have.


Bottom line:

If you’re looking forward to growing your business, you should not neglect social media. Social media marketing is a key for every business in its growth journey and it is your responsibility that you incorporate it in your digital marketing strategy. 

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