Tried and Trusted Strategies for some of the most Popular Online Games

Online gaming started out as a way to play with your mates, but it has evolved into a much more competitive arena. The rise of eSports has given the best of the best a place to show off their skills, and anyone with a computer or console has a chance of competing. But for most the competition available from multiplayer modes enough of a challenge.

The most popular online games of 2021 contain a mix of classic games like Counterstrike and modern additions like Among Us. They are spread across different platforms, showcasing the massive variety of options available to gamers. But with so many people playing these games, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, to help you, we’ve put together some top tips to help you be the best you can be.


It’s not strictly a competitive game, but Minecraft has become a global phenomenon due to its limitless possibilities for gameplay. Players have a sandbox world and are free to do whatever they like within it: you can build the house of your dreams, set up a farm, or become a raider or a monster hunter. There are user-designed multiplayer challenges which include races, capture the flag, and murder mysteries, where you compete against others to come out on top.

  • Diamond Shortcut – diamond is one of the rarest resources and can be used to craft the strongest armor. The best place to find it is at Y coordinate 11 – mine down any further and chances are you’ll fall into lava and lose everything.
  • Super Pumpkin – The pumpkin helmet doesn’t just make you look cool, it also protects you from the Endermen. They’ll attack anything that makes eye-contact with them, and because the pumpkin prevents this, they won’t even fight back if you hit them first. Exploit this fact for a quick and easy way to clear out these tough foes. All you need to do is grow a pumpkin and carve it with the shears.
  • Cat Guards – A few years ago Minecraft added pets, and these cute little furballs have been very popular with players ever since. But the cats have the added bonus of scaring away creepers, so if you want to avoid them exploding all your hard work, surround yourself and your property with an army of felines!

Among Us

This popular game started out on mobiles and has recently seen a pc release due to huge demand. Players have to work together to avoid being picked off by an imposter, hell bent on murdering them all. Between completing tasks, avoiding being stabbed, and trying to work out who the killer is, Among Us keeps you very busy.

  • Safety in Numbers – Stay together in a group. It will make it harder for the imposter to assassinate you or your teammates. The larger the group, the safer you are – beware of just going around in pairs as you could find yourself alone with the killer.
  • Follow the Crowd – Winning as the imposter means staying unnoticed. When voting, follow what everyone else does, don’t single out another player without proof, and try to keep a low profile. If you’re the only one pointing the finger at a different player, it’s going to raise suspicions.
  • Vent your Frustrations – Remember that the imposters can travel through the vents – this makes it easy for you them to make a quick getaway after a kill, so watch out for characters popping up in random locations.


Online gambling has seen a rapid surge in popularity over the last few years, with classic games being given a new lease of digital life. One of the most popular is blackjack, and it’s a great game to play with friends or against random opponents. The rules are simple to understand, but to get the best out of the game, be sure to research some strategies. When you’re ready to play blackjack online, try out these simple tips:

  • Chart your Way – download a strategy chart to give you the mathematics behind the moves. Strategy charts compare your hand and the dealer’s face up card and let you know whether your best move is to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender.
  • No Insurance – Some games offer an insurance bet that pays if the dealer has a blackjack with the ace showing. This bet is never worth taking, you will spend far more than you will ever make back. Avoid it at all costs!
  • Split decision – if you are dealt a pair of cards, you’ll have the option to split them into two hands and double your chances of winning. Sounds great, but it’s only worth it with certain combinations. Always split aces and eights, never split tens or fives.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. The more you play these games, or other online offerings like Call of Duty or Fortnite, the better you will become. But it doesn’t help to give yourself a head start by watching professional streamers, learning some advanced strategies, and following top tricks and tips.

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