History of ugliest house in america winner all season 2022

History of ugliest house in america winner all season 2022

[7 December 2021] New York
The five-part event series “Ugliest House in America winner” begins on HGTV on Monday, January 3, and runs through Friday, January 7, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
The new series will be hosted by Retta, an actress, comedian, and home design expert who is best known for her roles in Parks and Recreation and Good Girls. It will feature tours of twelve homes chosen by people who think their bad design makes them one of the worst in the country.

Reviews ugliest house in America winner

During the series, Retta will give hilarious reviews of each ugly house and talk about failed flips, gaudy designs, and horrifying hodgepodge horrors.
One house will be named the “ugliest house in America” by HGTV because it looks bad, doesn’t work well, and has strange design choices. Its owners will get a $150,000 renovation done by Alison Victoria, one of the network’s biggest stars.

How many ugliest house in America

“I’m sure these were 12 of the ugliest houses in America Trust.
I had to go through all of them, “said Retta.
“So many things about the way it was made were shockingly bad.
Why would someone want a big statue of Poseidon in their driveway?
I have no idea, but God bless you.
I was just happy and, to be honest, relieved to help one family get the house of their dreams. ”

Why Retta will begin her cross-country trip?

Retta will begin her cross-country trip in the Midwest, visiting three homes with a wide variety of terrible interior designs, from pink shag carpeting to reflective walls to elaborate ocean themes complete with fish statues, room-sized murals, and wall-mounted stuffed marlins.
Throughout the series, Retta will see the best and worst of every area of the U.S.
In the end, the house that was called “the ugliest” will be made into a beauty.

Way of Fans connect in the Ugliest House In America?

Fans can connect with the Ugliest House In America on HGTV’s digital platforms at HGTV.com and by following @HGTV and #UgliestHouse on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Which Makes the Ugliest House in America?

Big Fish Entertainment is in charge of making the Ugliest House in America.

How many viewers are in Ugliest House in America Season 1?

Season 2 will continue to follow Retta as she travels around the country to visit homes nominated by their owners who feel they are among the worst in the country, a concept that proved popular with almost 11 million people during the show’s first run.

How many  Alison Victoria Spends fixing up in Ugliest House in America Season 2?

In the end, HGTV STAR Alison Victoria will spend $150,000 to fix up the “ugliest house.”
The second season is set to start in July.

Why Retta is going on the road again highlight in Ugliest House in America?

“Retta is going on the road again, this time to highlight vacation spots, as she looks for ugly houses in paradise,” said Betsy Ayala, senior vice president of programming and development at HGTV.
“The book “Ugliest House in America” is full of surprising comments and funny sayings.
Retta adds a lot of fun to the show by celebrating the ugly with the homeowners.
Everyone likes to laugh, and this show has a future of funny moments. ”

Who Purchased The  Ugliest House in America Frist Time?

Kara and Mike Faust knew their home was special when they purchased it, but they never imagined it would be called the “Ugliest House in America.”

Why No dream home?

They started looking for their dream house in 2014.
The dream wasn’t the first word that sprang to mind when they viewed their future house.

It looked like a metal silo, but surprisingly, it was built on a base of cinder blocks.
Every room in the house had carpet, and it smelled like cats.
Even worse, the driveway to the house was almost impossible to get up.

“We came up to this house, but we’re worried about getting in,” said Mike Faust.

The one-lane gravel road that leads to their house is not maintained by the state and needs to be fixed up before it can be used.

“I was pretty worried about the road,” said Kara Faust.

Still, the Fausts tried again with the house.


Does the phone ring in Hollywood?

Kara Faust said that HGTV contacted their realtor out of the blue in April 2021.
They don’t know how the producers learned about the house.

“One day, the real estate agent sent Kara a text, and then HGTV sent her a text,” said Mike Faust.
“We called, and a week or two later, we met with the casting director on Zoom.
We entered by sending pictures and videos of the house.

It’s been a while since we heard anything.
Then, three weeks before filming, we got a call saying that they were coming out, “said Kara Faust.

The show is called “Ugliest House in America,” and “Good Girls” and “Parks and Recreation” star Retta is the show’s host.
People compete to see who has the ugliest house so they can win $150,000 to fix it up.

How many hours do to crew HGTV film?

The HGTV film crew was there for 10 hours and asked them to clean the house as well as those who could and get rid of any pets before they started shooting.
The Fausts had to do that even though they have four cats, two dogs, and a parrot.

Dream house in the end?

Even though the Fausts didn’t win the title of “Ugliest House in America” and the money, the best part is that they get to stay in the home they’ve loved for years, which is especially important in a tough real estate market.

Kara Faust Mentioned the Rules of the Ugliest House in America.

“We told the teachers and principals about the show.”
We couldn’t even tell anyone before they started filming.
“The students told us that we were on TV and that they watched us,” said Kara Faust.

Kids’ feedback of Ugliest House in America According to Mike Faust.

“This year, my students knew it was coming, but they didn’t know when. 
The kids have given us lot of feedback. 
We watched it in class because it was only six minutes long. 
“When we encounter kids, parents, or grandparents, they’ve been incredibly nice and supporting,” said 
Mike Faust. “When we see adults, they’ve been really kind and supportive as well.”

In today’s world, it’s hard to find a “forever home,” but the Fausts have found one that works for them and got them a spot on a national TV show competition.

They won’t count on living there forever, but they plan to stay at least until they can’t get up the driveway.


HGTV’s Ugliest House in America Contest Winners for 2022 will be chosen

Five possible winners will be picked at random on or about January 12, 2022, and they will be notified by email.

HGTV’s Ugliest House in America Giveaway 2022 Prizes

Each prize winner will receive a $5,000 check.
The prize is worth $5,000.
The total value of all prizes in this contest is $25,000.

Where is Soddy Daisy, TN’s ugly house?

The town’s claim to have the ugliest house in America is not a very good one.
Watching HGTV’s “Ugliest House in America”?
An old bordello in Soddy Daisy stands for the South, which is one of the four parts of the US.

Where can I see the ugliest house in America?

Prime Video.

Disney+ HBO Max.

Apple TV+ and Paramount+

All services that stream.

HGTV renews Retta’s “Ugliest House in America” for a third season earlier than usual

The HGTV show “Ugliest House in America,” which stars the actress and comedian Retta, has been renewed.
Season 3 will start at the beginning of 2023.


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