Video Marketing Ideas for a Festive season

The festival season is fast approaching, and it’s of utmost importance both for the buyers and the sellers. That’s because one is into making big sales while the other is into making huge purchases. After all, it’s the festive season!

Well, there’s good news for the marketers. They now have the option of considering the latest video marketing ideas to take their business to another level with the festive shopping season kicking off.

Festive videos are an excellent scope for marketers to plan their product-pushing agendas and develop wonderful marketing plans. Small and large businesses can focus on festive video marketing to promote their business and drive more sales.

In 2022, analysts expect the business world to have its largest festive season ever, considering that the celebrations were not conducted because of Covid-19 restrictions. The customers are all set to go all big.

It’s time for companies to polish their video marketing efforts this festive season, and here’s how they can do it:

1. Festive Promotions

Making good sales is the topmost online objective of any company during the festive marketing season. In such situations, top-quality promotional videos can be used for driving sales. The videos can offer special discounts and deals.

Such videos work best when they are run as targeted ads specifically aimed towards catching the attention of the loyal customers of a business and even the ones interested in the product.

A festive promotion doesn’t need to be a sale. Companies have the flexibility of offering free shipping, gift wrapping, and other non-discounted promotions.

2. Create an Enticing Video Card

There’s not a single person in this world who does not like to receive cards. You can easily modernize this old tradition by turning it into a good-quality visual presentation. You can make an elaborate or a simple video card.

A video card will be your scope to be fun and happy. Therefore, it is absolutely fine to go about doing anything and everything to decorate the card in the quirkiest manner. Remember, spending almost 20 minutes speaking about your product on the card does not work.

Get your marketing team involved and use it as the opportunity to show the personality of your brand. It can also contain something that makes the customers think about your brand and even drive sales.

Keep in mind, the main purpose of a business video card is to send positive vibes and thank the customers. Of course, if you do not have good skills in shooting a DIY video, you can always use an online video editor for this purpose.

The online video editing tools come with templates to help you design a video card right from scratch. And you do not have to worry about expenses either because the video editing tools available online are generally free of cost.

3. Why Not Product Videos?

Use product videos if you have specific products and services you are looking to highlight to the buyers this festive season. Such videos are one of the best ways to make products stand out in competition and ultimately get more sales during the festivals.

Try adding a festive season environment to the video by using festive visuals and music. You can even show the product in use in a festive environment.

4. Create Explainers

People have a lot of things to do during the festive season, especially Christmas. And all of this is quite exciting but hectic too. So, this makes the right time for brands to sweep in and create animated explainers or hot-to videos so they can save the prospects from a lot of hassle.

And such short videos are not just perfect for crafty organizations. It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you are running. A bit of creativity and imagination will help you go a long way in making explainer videos.

The subject of your video can be anything from how to get good discounts on Black Friday or how to make chocolate cakes this festive season? As long as it is something that benefits the customers, it will surely get engagement.

Try adding the point that you would usually not give out these secrets, but since it is a festive time, you are giving them as a treat for your customers. Your objective is to save the money and the time of your customers so they can enjoy the festive season to its fullest.

5. Festival Gift Guide Videos

As a business, you have a complete assortment of products and services on offer for your customers this festive season. Since it is one of the busiest times of the year, people might not have sufficient time to go through your varied offerings manually and then decide on what they would like to purchase.

You can make this whole procedure easier for your audiences by highlighting your products and services through a video gift guide. Start by sorting products and services into categories like product type, budget, recipient, etc.

This will help the viewers consider your business as it has different gift varieties for different people. Then you can decide on whether the video will do well as a short clip or an all-inclusive guide.

Such videos do wonderfully well on YouTube, where many individuals seek gift-giving inspiration videos.

6. 2021-The Year in Review Video

The festive season is not just about festivals and religious events. It is also the end of the year, and there are countless emotions attached to the season. So, this is the right time for companies to create review videos of the year in totality.

Such videos are an excellent way of reminding the audience of some of the most crucial changes, results, news, and milestones from the past year.


Your festive video marketing does not need to be too complicated. Sometimes, a simple short video or a delightful graphic is all you need to create emotion in people. Good luck!

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