What is void(document.oncontextmenu=null) ?

void(document.oncontextmenu=null); will be discussed in detail in this article.
This article is for you if you go to a website and discover a great quotation or code that you want to copy but nothing happens when you right-click.
To prevent piracy and duplicating, many well-known websites have disabled best clicking.
Even if there’s a method to this craziness, it doesn’t work for most people.
You can get around that by using JavaScript’s void documentoncontextmen= null.

How to use  Void Document Oncontextmenu=null,?

Use the JavaScript code in the Void document oncontextmenu=null to allow right-clicking on websites that had previously prevented it.
It’s simple to use, just follow the included step-by-step instructions.
Visit the website that has blocked right-clicking for the time being, then returns here.
Using the address bar on your browser, type in the following coding and click Enter:

This is how it would look in Javascript: void

the right-click option may be enabled by visiting the

In order to prevent copying of the website’s content, the administrator typically employs HTML or javascript code to deactivate right-click options on the site.
However, Voiddocumentoncontextmenu null offers a straightforward answer to this problem.
You may simply copy anything on a website by adding “voidoncontextmenunull” to the URL at the top of your browser window.
Using this technique has just one drawback: You must paste it each time you visit the site to copy anything.
This is the most often used technique since it works with so many different types of websites.

Another way to Enable voidoncontextmenunull`?

1. Make an effort to read in reader mode

This is a simple one-step procedure for enabling right-click on websites “voidoncontextmenunull”  that don’t support it.
Activate Browser Reader Mode by pressing F9, then see whether the right click works.
Even if it doesn’t work, it only takes a second to give it a go!

2:Remove any references to JavaScript from your website.

This is a high-risk approach since it has the potential to take down whole websites.
Disabling JavaScript will prevent the site from interfering with your work if it uses it to block the perfect click dialogue. “voidoncontextmenunull”
The method you choose will be determined by the web browser you’re using.

3:Plugin Your Browser:

Using plugins to allow the right-click dialogue is more dependable than deactivating JavaScript.
These may be found in both Firefox and Chrome, but only a few of them function optimally “voidoncontextmenunull”.
Right-click or similar phrases should be found in the plugin area of your default browser.
After that, check what the void document yields.

4:Getting to the heart of the matter

Here’s a technique that’s straightforward, but it’s also a bit tricky.
On the other hand, you might use ‘voiddocumentoncontextmenu null.’
Directly copying it from the website’s source code.
What is your secret to success?
It couldn’t be easier.
When you are on the website, just click Ctrl + U to access all of the site’s source codes in a new tab.
You’ll be able to copy whatever text you want from it with ease.
If the page contains a lot of code, you’ll have to work a bit more to get through it all.


To sum it up,

we oppose piracy and content theft, however, there may be occasions when you need certain quotations or codes urgently, in which case these techniques may be of use to you.
Everything, including “voiddocumentoncontextmenu null,” has been thoroughly tested, so there’s no reason to be concerned.
Use the techniques mentioned on this page since they are secure and will not harm your browser in any way.

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