Waasmedic Agent Exe

Overview of Waasmedic Agent Exe

The Windows Update Medic service is represented by WaasMedic Agent Exe, which is another name for WaasMedic.
When you upgrade to Windows 10, you’ll find WaasMedic pre-installed.
Users may expect a seamless and unimpeded Windows update procedure as a result of this tool.

What is ‘Waasmedic Agent Exe’? 

As part of the Windows Update functionality, the Windows Update Medic Service (or WaasMedicAgent) is available.
The Windows Update component is often repaired by this Windows service, which operates in the background (if it has experienced any corruption or damage).
There won’t be any pauses in the user experience as a result of this method

Waasmedicagent.exe was launched by Microsoft in Windows 10 as an assistance service, however many users report that this System process consumes all available disc, RAM, or CPU resources, rendering them unable to complete any tasks.
It’s possible that the ratio of resources used varies from system to system.

Is WaasMedic Agent.exe taking up a lot of space on your hard drive?

WaasMedicAgent.exe may be causing slowdowns or overheating on your computer.

Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the slowness or poor performance of their PCs.

So what occurred is that when they checked the Task Manager, they discovered that WaasMedic Agent.exe was using the majority of the RAM.

Because you aren’t alone in this, you don’t have to worry too much about it, and many people don’t even know how to cure agent.exe on Windows 11.


The WaasMedic Agent.exe High Disk Usage is a problem that we’ve created a list of the best fixes for.

You may have some queries about the WaasMedic Agent.exe before you begin the repair.


Is WaasMed agent exe a virus?

WaasMedicAgent exe is a real Microsoft Corporation digitally signed software, and it has been confirmed to be safe by the vast majority of users.

Agent.exe is a valid target for hackers who want to make alterations and engage in unlawful activity.

However, to be on the safe side, you should do the following virus scan:

To launch Task Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time.

Locate WaasMedicAgent exe in the Details window and right-click it to bring up the Open file location menu.

C: if it’s on that computer


Furthermore, if it isn’t located in the specified location, it might be malware or spyware, in which case you should conduct a thorough system check using the anti-virus software already installed on your computer.


Is it a bad thing?

Waasmedic agent exe has been flagged as a possible virus or danger by several third-party programs.
However, it’s possible that you’ve made a mistake here.
There are two ways that malware authors might take advantage of this:

It is possible for malware authors to create their own antivirus software and design it to detect WaasMedicAgent.exe as a virus.
Because of this, exploiting a user’s system security issues is made easier if the executable file is disabled.


The WaasMedic Agent Exe was preventing me from working.

A sudden slowdown of my PC occurred.
I’m out of a job.
When I examined the task manager, I saw a process called Medic agent exe.
It consumes 2.8 megabytes of memory and 1.2 mb of storage space.

A Microsoft procedure, I understand.
In my mind, I don’t know what gives Microsoft permission to take over and stop me from working anytime it wants.

How to Solve Waasmedic Agent Exe High CPU usage 2022?

All Antivirus programs should be disabled.

If your antivirus program is interfering with the WaasMedic.exe process, you may be experiencing excessive CPU use.
Antivirus software is continually scanning your computer for suspicious behavior and attempting to stop it.

Avast, a popular antivirus program, has been accused of producing several false positives and otherwise interfering with your ability to access your profile.

Avast may be temporarily disabled or uninstalled by reading this article – Multiple Methods to Disable Avast for PC and Mac.
After deactivating, restart your computer and check if you can access your profile.

Workaround: Unplug detachable drives

A workaround, rather than a repair, is what this post is about.
It seems that the process is not operating as expected and is using a large amount of disk space.
Try disabling any detachable devices (e.g., external HDDs or USB Flash drives) briefly and see if it helps you.


To fix WaasMedic Agent.exe, run Disk Cleanup.
Windows 11 has a lot of disc use.

WaasMedic Agent.exe on Windows 11 may not be able to run properly because of a lack of disc space.

So, it’s essential that you get rid of the unnecessary files on Windows 11.

Windows 11’s Disk Cleanup tool may be used to achieve this.


Remove Waasmedic Agent Exe from your computer.

You may need to deactivate Waasmedic Agent Exe on your Windows 10 if all of the other workarounds fail.
It’s impossible to disable it manually.
You’ll receive an Access Denied error if you attempt to deactivate it.
The error indicates that disabling it is not advised.
You may deactivate this exe process using a third-party program.
It may be disabled using a third-party utility in Windows 10.

Disable Windows update

It’s possible to fix this problem by stopping Windows updates in the Windows 10 ‘Settings’ app.
If you haven’t already done so, go to the “Settings” app in Windows 10 and click on “Update & Security > Windows Update.”
Second, choose the “pause updates” option.
Windows updates may be paused for seven days this way.
Check to see whether the problem has been fixed.
In order to restart Windows updates after a 7-day update break, you must choose the ‘Resume updates’ option first.

WaasMedic agent executable may be deleted?

WaasMedic is a Windows agent that simplifies the update process and ensures that your PC is always up to date with the latest version of Windows.
It cannot be killed or uninstalled since it is a part of Windows.
Third-party software may be used to deactivate it from the registry.
Only terminate or deactivate WaasMedic.exe if you are experiencing problems with it.

Is WaasMedic.exe a Malware?

It’s not true.
WaasMedic.exe is a Windows software that helps you upgrade to the newest version of Windows.
It’s a secure application.

The last word

That’s all you need to know about resolving the WaasMedic problem.
Try each of the aforementioned options one at a time if you don’t know how to repair the problem.
I’m certain that one of these can assist you to resolve your problem.

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