Watch Most Demanded in 2020

As the start of 21st century men’s fashion as well as the styling sense has been changing very rapidly. Those days are gone when looking good was only important for women, now a days even a man is supposed to look good.

Many things have changed in the men style but the watches since their invention in the 1868 by the swiss watchmaker called patek philippe whose name you might have also heard in the name of a popular watch company patek philippe calatrava.

There are countless types of watches that you can find in a market but not all off them are good to go in this era. Some are just too much funky and look amateur and some are just better off not discussed.

Watches play a fundamental role in your everyday as well as formal office attire. The most trendy watches that you should own now a days are

Analog watches

These watches despite being old fashioned are still the most important feature in a formal attire. Suppose you are going in a meeting in a sharp 2-piece business suit with a killer titanium silver watch.

The people will surely notice the watch and it will give a powerful impression for sure. The analog watches are mostly mechanical and use small gears.

Digital watches

Many digital watches are now a days in the market. They are chargeable and uses the LCD display for displaying time. Since it requires the electricity for charging it comes only in quartz. These sorts of watches are really good for parties.

Smart watches

Smart watches since they were introduced are a big hit in the watch industry. Combining the android technology along with the watch was a genius idea indeed. Now a day’s people are getting more and more innovative.

People like products that are 2 in 1 or more as the smart watches can easily perform tasks like receiving calls, text messages or mails as well as keeping track of your workout they are well liked by everyone.

They can also connect with your smart phones and notify you with your surroundings as well.

Casual watches

These watches are rough and tough and are designed for everyday use they are usually simple and sober so that you can wear it with tracksuits as well as the shirts and jeans etc. these kinds of watches don’t make you stand out.

These are simply designed for people who don’t care about how they look like and only use watches to see the time.

Fashion watches

These sorts of watches are developed by the fashion brands that don’t have any big experience in classic watch making and use their brand name to sale the watch. These are not special just different styles and colour as well as designs.

These are sold by famous fashions brand like Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Emporio Armani. Mostly the woman like the designer watches as they match their dresses.

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