What a Problem Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Server down 2021

What a Problem Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Server down 2021

Suddenly, Facebook’s whole network of services fell down just as Antigone Davis of Facebook appeared on CNBC to defend the corporation against allegations made by a whistleblower and its management of research evidence indicating Instagram is detrimental to teenagers. What a Problem Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Server down 2021

The problem began just before 12 p.m. ET and was eventually fixed after almost six hours.
This is the biggest outage that Facebook has seen since a 2019 event that knocked the site down for almost 24 hours, affecting small companies and artists that depend on these services to make a living.

The majority of ISP DNS servers tested through DNSchecker.org successfully found a route to Facebook.com around 5:30 PM ET, after failing all tests for most of the day.
Using Facebook and Instagram again was possible after a few minutes, although it may take a while for the DNS changes to reach everyone.

Yes, both Facebook and Instagram are down right now…..

According to Downdetector and Twitter, the outage affects every Facebook-owned site.
Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger all fall under this category.
It seems that the problems began around 11:40 ET/8:40 PT, and all of those services are still down today.

When the downtime occurred, people rushed to the rival social network, Twitter, to discover whether other users had also experienced the outage.
As the corporation fights back against the impact its platforms have on younger users, the hashtag “#DeleteFacebook” is rising on Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp go down

According to public announcements, all three of Facebook’s services — Facebook (FB), Instagram, and WhatsApp — experienced disruptions about noon on Monday.

We’re aware of issues with our apps and products for certain users, Facebook stated on Twitter.
As soon as possible, everything will return to normal, and we regret for any difficulty this may have caused.

There were tens of thousands of complaints on Down Detector, an outage monitoring site.
For approximately an hour on Monday, Facebook’s site would not load at all; Instagram and WhatsApp could be accessed, but no new material could be loaded or messages sent.

It was not immediately apparent what had caused the outage.
Multiple security experts, on the other hand, immediately pointed to a DNS issue as a potential cause.
A DNS failure has been identified as the root cause of the outage, Cisco’s internet research subsidiary ThousandEyes said at 1 pm ET on Twitter.
The DNS is used to convert domain names into computer-readable IP addresses.
It’s frequently referred to as the “online phone book.”

About four hours after the outage began, Facebook CTO Mark Schroepfer stated that his team was “working as fast as possible to diagnose and restore as quickly as possible.”

Downtime on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp — What Causes It, and What Can Be Done About It?

Downtime on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp is addressed here, as well as possible remedies.
We’ve never seen so many social networking sites go down at the same time.
On Monday night, all three major social media platforms — Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram — fell down at the same time.
Globally, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram users are experiencing problems accessing their accounts from their mobile devices.
Facebook owns and controls all of these applications, and they all run on the same set of servers.

After a nearly six-hour outage, Facebook and Instagram have seemed to partially reconnect.

On Monday afternoon, almost six hours after the outage that crippled the social media network, parts of Facebook and Instagram seemed to have restored to the worldwide internet.


In what website monitoring company Downdetector described as the biggest failure it has ever seen, with 10.6 million issue reports worldwide, Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram applications went down at noon Eastern time.

Partially regaining access to Facebook started about 5:45 p.m. ET for certain users.
For some users, WhatsApp’s connectivity issues persisted.

Following on from a whistleblower’s claim on Sunday that the corporation prioritized profit above cracking down on hate speech and disinformation, Facebook suffered another setback on Tuesday.

With almost 2 billion daily active users, Facebook’s stock started down following the whistleblower revelation and fell even more in afternoon trading on Monday, dropping by 5.3%.
It seemed like they were headed for their worst day in almost a year as technology shares fell across the board.

According to security experts, the outage may have been caused by an internal error, but sabotage by an insider is still a possibility.

Jonathan Zittrain, director of Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, said on Twitter that Facebook had “essentially locked its keys in its vehicle.”

Facebook’s stock fell more than 5% on Monday as the market as a whole fell.

Downdetector, a service that tracks website outages, said users started reporting issues late Monday morning.
Ookla, the parent company of Downdetector, claimed the outage was “widespread and worldwide in scope,” according to a spokesman.

According to Doug Madory, director of internet research at network monitoring company Kentik, Facebook appears to have made a modification to its network routing information on Monday morning.

The company’s domain name system servers, which act as a kind of Internet lookup system, were impacted by this move.
Web browsers and web servers utilize numerical Internet Protocol addresses to communicate with domain names like Facebook.com.

Reasons for this Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Down?

According to cybercrime writer Brian Krebs, the issue is the result of a big DNS issue in the area..
“The worldwide routing cables were pulled this morning,” says Krebs of the DNS records that instruct computers where to look for Facebook and Instagram.
It’s still unclear how this occurred, however.

a message from WhatsApp

WhatsApp has issued the following statement in response to the outage:

We’re aware that WhatsApp is currently having difficulties for certain users.
Our goal is to return everything to normal as quickly as possible, and we’ll keep you posted.

An Andy Stone statement on Facebook:

Our applications and products aren’t working properly for certain users, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
There is a backlog of work being done, and we regret any difficulty this may cause.


According to Jane Manchun Wong, an outage today has impacted Facebook’s internal Workplace site and related services for workers.
The problems have been communicated internally through memos.
Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and other executives are calling it a “snow day.”

Facebook is broken, according to a new investigation from the New York Times. This includes keycard access to buildings, security systems, an internal calendar, and more.
According to The Verge, Facebook workers are communicating through Discord and FaceTime.

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