What Are Benq X1300i 2023?

Overveiw of Benq X1300i

The most immersive gaming projector needs instant game modes, powerful audio, total control, and the best input lag to make it easy to win in all games. Benq  X1300i was explicitly made for long-form viewing sessions, and it is equipped with Android TV so you can watch live content online. LED lighting provides consistent, brilliant color, and the sleek style complements any gaming den.

What Are Benq X1300i 2023?

The BenQ X1300i stands out as a unique home entertainment projector from the moment you first see it.From its beautiful cube-like sculpture to its built-in Trevolo sound system, integrated Android streaming system, and surprise focus on video gaming, the BenQ X1300i  does everything possible to stick out on today’s increasingly crowded projector shelves.

Benq X1300i Requirements


  • the hue black
  • Luminous white
  • Lightweight: 14.11 lb.
  • Type: LED (s)

The ratio of the performance image: is 16:9
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Shipping weight 8.5 lbs.
UNSPSC \s45111600
Support for 1.07 billion colors in video (30-bit)
The ratio of Contrast: 500,000:1
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Reliability – Parts
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Benq X1300i  Attribute

Complete Cinematic Immersion in an RPG

Experience the subtlety and intensity of the virtual world to the fullest.
Powerful symphonic music with clear strings and booming bass will be the background music for your medieval dungeon crawl as you explore a building in ruins full of exciting details.

Marks Nearby Threats in FPS Mode

Feint details show adversaries waiting in the shadows.
Gunshots, dramatic effects, and trailing footsteps from a distance to a close alert you of impending dangers, so you are ready to meet any foe.
You have a good chance of winning the fight.

SPG Mode for Instant Thrills

Real-time sports simulations that are amazingly lifelike, with lush grass, different skin tones, bright uniforms, and more details.
While fans yell for your team, you can hear and comprehend the commentators’ loud voices.
You’ll be brought into the thick of things from your home theater.


In addition to having optimal visual and audio settings for RPGs, sports, and shooters, BenQ GameMaestro Technology also has a unique user EQ with audio and visual adjustment presets.
While multi-source audio mixing, tuned by treVolo-Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS), improves music of all genres for captivating auditory experiences, game visuals, driven by CinematicColor, deliver bright hues.
One of the most cinematic video game projectors available.

Smooth, Intelligent Design Smooth,
 intelligent design is user-friendly and enhances any décor. 
Multiple Viewing Options
Use the ceiling mount or the newly developed adjustable feet*, which allow for flexible picture movement.
Zoom at 1.2x for variable throw distances
With variety of throw distances for ample screen enjoyment in constrained spaces, the X1300i makes the most of the space at its disposal.
Using 2D keystone for ideal alignment
2D keystone avoids trapezoid effects when projecting from different rooms for convenience.
Content Compatibility for 4K
Universal connectivity of two HDMI 2.0b (HDCP2.2) ports and powerful AV controls for gaming consoles, mobile devices, streaming boxes, and Blu-ray players let you connect to 4K video with HDR impact. 
HDMI port is ARC-compatible (Audio Return).


While the BenQ X1300i can take in 4K signals, it is natively just a full HD projector at a time when several full HD home entertainment projectors can be bought for considerably less.

The Premium Option for Gamers

However, the initial cost is different from the benefits of LED projectors over lamp-based ones. Lamp-based projectors like the BenQ TH585, BenQ 2150ST, and Optoma GT1080HDR might be good options for buyers on a tight budget. However, if you want to add streaming, keep in mind the cost of the HDMI dongle. You’ll need to purchase them separately, along with the cost of replacement bulbs, which may be $250 or more. The long-lasting LED light source might make the X1300i less expensive over time.

THE Conclude

The BenQ X1300i is an outstanding gaming projector due to its bright LED light source, resonant sound, and visual, and audio presets optimized for first-person shooters, role-playing, and sports games. Additionally, it works well for streaming TV and movies.


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