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JGOD, a Warzone YouTuber, has discovered the most significant “close-range meta” weapons in Season 2 Reloaded.

Each update improves Warzone’s playability.
The patch included the Armaguerra 43 this time around.
It is referred to be an “SMG with a very rapid rate of fire.
Effective for engagements at a short to medium range.”
With such a diverse arsenal of weaponry, players may get confused as to which loadouts are the most effective for eliminating opponents.

In Season 2 Reloaded, JGOD Reveals Close Range Meta Weapons

JGOD has chosen the MP40 as his close-range meta weapon in the video above.
This is unsurprising given Vanguard SMG’s popularity in the game.
This is owing to its high mobility and outstanding TTK.
He also chose the JAK-12 over the MP40.
Additionally, JGOD states that this Modern Warfare weapon is a shotgun that is “quite broken in terms of TTK.”

JGOD’s loadout is as follows:


  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: VDD 189mm Short
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: Krausnick 33M Folding
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Grip
  • Perk: Brace
  • Perk 2: Quick


  • Muzzle: FORGE TAC Marauder
  • Barrel: ZLR J-3600 Torrent
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Magazine: 20 Round Drum Mags
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape


  • Double Time
  • Overkill
  • Amped
His loadout especially increases mobility while raising the MP40’s firing rate.
This is beneficial for both Caldera and Rebirth Island since being able to move rapidly and eliminate targets is always a good option.
While these are JGOD’s top recommendations for the optimal “close-range meta” loadout, he also highlights a variety of alternative weapons for players who aren’t fans of the MP40 or JAK-12.

How to watch JGOD’s $100k Warzone tournament: the schedule, the stream, the participants, and the structure.

As Warzone maintains a stronghold in the gaming industry, prominent broadcaster JGOD is throwing his tournament.
With four days of professional Warzone action and a $100,000 prize pool on the line, you need to know everything about JGOD’s tournament.

Schedule for JGOD’s $100k warzone loadouts Warzone Tournament

  • The official JGOD Invitational will begin at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST on Saturday, June 5th, 2021. (1 am BST on June 6th).
  • The event will conclude on June 9th, 2021.
  • The format of JGOD’s $100k Warzone Tournament
  • As announced by the host, the first day will be Pool Play, with the first six captains competing in 2 vs. two matches.
  • Additional information on the rules and format will be made available later.

How to watch JGOD’s $100k Warzone stream?

As with the previous Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments, the event will be streamed live on JGOD’s Twitch account.best gun in warzone
However, this event will provide a variety of perspectives since each contender will be live-streaming their action.

JGOD Reveals the Best Gun Barrels in Call of Duty: Warzone  


Call of Duty: Warzone has a plethora of attachments, but these are the finest barrels for each weapon warzone stats
Cooper Carbine:

  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: 14” Gracey Rapid
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel: m1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine: 9mm 60 Rnd Drums
  • Ammunition: Compressed Rounds
  • Rear Grip: Leather Grip
  • Perk: Tight Grip
  • Perk 2: Fully Loaded

Close-up of Welgun

The Welgun remains a viable choice up close since its fire rate is rapid, and it is easy to transform it into a lethal weapon in CQC with attachments warzone meta
If you’re searching for a more affordable option, the Owengun should suffice.

The Welgun loadout

  • Muzzle: Recoil booster
  • Barrel: Hockenson 142mm rapid
  • Optic: M28/Slate 2.5x Custom
  • Stock: Removed Stock
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand stop
  • Magazine: 8mm Kutz 60 Round Drum
  • Ammo: Hollow Point
  • Rear Grip: Polymer
  • Perks: Steady & Quick


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