What is Blogging and How You Can Get Started


A blog is a website or a part of a website where you publish regular articles. A blog can be about sports, politics, some products, or news. Its main purpose is to provide information to its users. 

Most people start writing a blog as a hobby, but it’s also a good way to earn money. That said, one can’t expect to earn a lot from a blog, especially in the beginning. 


How You Earn from Blog

If you are not selling something on your blog, you will earn by showing ads on each page. You can always use affiliate links to refer your readers to a product or service and get your commission. You can also partner with advertisement services like Google to show ads on your website. 

They pay you per impression or per click on each ad. It means you must have a lot of people visiting your site to make a decent income. 


How to Practice Blogging

There are many ways to practice your writing. For example, you can start writing a diary. However, it is suggested to make a network with other bloggers and publish your articles on their website as a guest or anonymous author. 

One great opportunity is the website of John Doe that never says no to an authentic piece of writing. They will test the authenticity of the article, and then their editors will review the article before publishing it. This also gives you an idea of how you can write better. 


What You Need to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is not expensive. It will, however, require investment if you plan to make it popular and attract people to it. Here is what you need in the beginning. 

  • A domain and hosting – the website name and the online storage where you keep the website.
  • A user-friendly website – you can install one of the free WordPress themes.
  • Content to publish on the blog. 


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