What is BTFO

What is BTFO?

According to the courses on the internet, ‘BTFO’ could hold a couple of meanings. The first thing is ‘BTFO’ is for ‘Back The F*** Off,’ including the next one is ‘Blown the F*** Out.’ This acronym is staying worked on social media discussions as intense as in texting. This package is still a popular acronym, but characters are starting to do this more in their information with ease.

BTFO as Back the F*** Off

Blown the f*** out is a common means to assume that someone has been hit or “blown out” by someone more in some game. It strength be a sporting game, a video game, a cake-eating match, or anything more that could be regarded as having a hero and a loser.

This unique version of BTFO points to be used and usually when one person (or team) has hit another by a notable degree. You wouldn’t typically use this acronym if one person or organization won added by a small or medium number of purposes, goals, etc.

Models of Using BTFO to Move “Blown The F*** Out”

“The Letters were BTFO by the Penguins last night!”

“BTFO by Smithers with only 10 seconds left on the clock!”

“All this rain and wind got my hair srsly back.”

Models 2 :

You become a friend who likes to spam your Facebook wall all the time. So woman signs a post every 5 seconds on your wall. You message them, or in case you use their wall to write “BTFO and stop ruining my wall.”
You can notice the various tones in which BTFO can be used. And you can do it according to the site you are in.





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