What is Microsoft Outlook?

By | February 12, 2019

When we install Microsoft office, we see another program or software gets installed in our computer, outlook. Do you have any idea what is this software? Have you ever used Microsoft outlook in sending/receiving or storing emails? If not, then let’s see whereabouts of Outlook and try to explore this client mail service provider.

What is Outlook?

In simple words, Outlook is an e-mail program designed and produced by Microsoft and this let’s send or receive emails over the internet.  It is not necessary to have a Microsoft account to login and using the application, you can have any email server such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

You get this software along with the Microsoft package; you can have this as a standalone application to manage your emails and other personal or professional information.

This application lets you manage your calendars, tasks contacts, and notes as a journal and make your life easier and better in the management section.

The first ever version of the Microsoft outlook was named as Microsoft outlook express, it came with Windows 97. At that time, Microsoft was offering all packages free of cost, so outlook.

As we proceed, with Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced Windows mail and Outlook turned to be a commercial product. Microsoft did a fantastic job in offering dozens of useful features and functions what you cannot even dream in any premium software.

The application specifically targets the big organizations needed an application which enable the multiple users to get their job done.

Do you have Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft outlook is a fantastic exchange mail server application which manages dozens of the day-to-day tasks and has added leisure in our daily lives. Before making a purchase of the application, you need to know whether or not you have the application already installed on your computer or mobile phone.

From the search Window or the taskbar of Windows 10, or on the start Windows in Windows 7 you type Outlook and press enter.

Look at what you get with the searching.

You will see the Outlook entry and can have it used for your next email management and etc.

Suppose you do not have Outlook installed in your computer, and you are in dire need to have one, where from you can have this application?

In Windows 10 we get Microsoft Office 365 Suite and this comes with the package. You will have to purchase the subscription of Office 365 and if you are interested to have this standalone version, go for it; you can have on Microsoft website.

One App different names:

Outlook is the finest product of Microsoft the giant of desktop operating system around the globe. I have seen people referring to this application with different names, which creates lots of confusions around it

In plain English, the outlook is single software or programs to manage emails and other personal data. You may have been referring the outlook with outlook email, Microsoft email or with dozens of other names. This is the same application and people refer to this as per their experience and use.

Outlook set up:

Outlook set up it little tricky and some novice may annoy with following the guidelines. Once you get the set up done, you enjoy every inch and corner of the application. You have the usual email features associated as Inbox, outbox or drafts using this.

Calendar management:

You manage your daily, weekly or monthly appointments and tasks and it reminds you on time. The calendar is quite easy to use and tracks your important events and makes you remember all of them with set an audible alarm

Sync your emails:

Microsoft outlook allows the users to sync their mobile phones, tablets, and computers and see the data shared between the different devices using one account. One can sort out the emails, send the follow-up, and get email exchanges from the servers and much more.

The Outlook allows a user to simply integrate the personal data, such as address book, calendar and other virtual sticky notes. You saved and managed calendars will also be sync with other connected devices, in this way you can delegate tasks to the other and share them up with more than one.



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