What is Puppyfind

What is Puppyfind?

PuppyFind is a free, classified advertising website that offers an easy and “convenient” method for dog breeders to publish their available pups for sale and for expectant owners to discover their sought puppies.
They provide a wide directory of various dog breeds; when clicking or searching a certain breed you will be directed to a page with a short summary of the breed and more crucially, a section where you will be given a list of the available pups.

All of the available pups exhibited on the website have been advertised for sale by their breeders.
A picture of the advertised puppy will be presented, in addition to some short information about the dog.

To answer your question, how does PuppyFind operate?

As a Craigslist for dogs, PuppyFind is a good place to start.
People who are interested in purchasing a puppy may examine available pups on the website of a dog breeder who has signed up.

A “mini-profile” is available for each dog breeder registered on PuppyFind, where you can see their location, contact information, and the pups they currently have for sale.

Buyers may rate the breeders’ customer service by giving them a star rating on a scale of one to five stars (the value of which we will be discussed below).

The job of PuppyFind is to bring you to their aggregated list of available pups; they do not directly participate in the transactions (as listed by their breeders).

When you click on a puppy, you’ll be presented with a link that allows you to get in touch with the dog breeder by email.

Is there a business model for PuppyFind?

Individuals may post ads for free, but sellers will be unable to display their contact information unless they pay a monthly membership fee of $19.99.

A vendor may publish a puppy ad, but only those who have paid the monthly fees can contact them.
Keeping breeders happy is in the company’s best interests, and this will be discussed more when we discuss their feedback system.

PuppyFind’s Problems

There are certain drawbacks to PuppyFind.com when it comes to locating a new puppy, but the whole concept of having a puppy-finding website is useful.

1:The website allows anybody to post a puppy for sale.

Any dog breeder may offer a puppy for sale on PuppyFind, and they are not vetted in any way.
Because the website is free to use, anybody may advertise a dog for sale on it, which opens it up to a wider audience.


2:The problem with the feedback mechanism

In an ideal feedback system, customers would provide feedback for sellers after a transaction was completed.
Consider E-bay, where a customer receives an item from a vendor and then has the option to rate the seller.
Because of this, the seller’s feedback is an accurate reflection of their selling methods.

3:PuppyFind has a stranglehold over the feedback system.

Sadly, this is not the only negative aspect of the website’s feedback mechanism.
PuppyFind seems to have a reputation for removing negative reviews from its site based on the experiences of individuals who have utilized the service.


4:Puppies from backyard breeders and puppy factories often populate PuppyFind.

A legitimate dog breeder would never advertise their pups for sale on a classified website like PuppyFind.com.

In most cases, they wouldn’t need to promote on these platforms since they already had a waiting list of possible buyers.
Please go here for additional information about reliable breeders.

5:Several pups are unwell when they arrive at their new homes.

Pet buyers on PuppyFind have reported that although many breeders on the site claim to have had their pups medically examined, their own experiences suggest otherwise.
With no notice of any health difficulties, several of the pups had arrived unwell from the breeder.


6:On the site, many mixed-breed pups are marketed as purebred.

There are dog frauds on the internet, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.
If you’re looking for a purebred puppy, you’ll find most of them on PuppyFind, but the fact is that a lot of them may really be a mix of breeds.

7:PuppyFind has a lot of frauds.

PuppyFind is an unmonitored site, and frauds are common.
There have been countless instances when consumers have paid the “breeder” for a puppy, only to never get it.


Other People’s Opinions on PuppyFind

As with any major decision, it’s usually a good idea to read the opinions of those who have previously made the same choice; fortunately, this information is only a simple Google search away!
Even a cursory search for “PuppyFind Scam” returns over 75,000 hits on its own.


Ultimately, everything comes down to this:

No vendor on PuppyFind can be claimed to wish you harm, but there is a strong chance that utilizing their website will put you in danger.
The cost of taking a puppy into one’s house necessitates that one look for a more trustworthy supplier.

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