What is TinyCp?

A Server Management Tool in the Development category, TinyCP is characterized as ‘web-based software for controlling Linux-like systems.
For Linux, Self-Hosted solutions, online / web-based, Windows, and Mac, there are over 25 TinyCP options.
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated web servers are the most common choices.
Webmin is a great free and open-source alternative.
In addition to TinyCP, you may use cPanel (paid), Ajenti (free personal), ISPmanager (paid), and Vesta Control Panel (free) (Free, Open Source).


More than 5000 TinyCP panels are now in use!

Those who have been patiently waiting for the latest edition are much appreciated.

TinyCP has been determined to be free.
Donations were set up as a way to keep us going.

Those aren’t required, but they’ll definitely come in handy.
We invest a significant amount of effort and money into this project.

After a few months, we’ll make a decision on whether to continue accepting contributions or begin charging memberships at the lowest feasible rates.



They’re a lot more efficient.

Reduced launching of the Linux SHELL.

Data transmission between the server and the client is reduced.


Over HTTP, we’ve added our own layer of protection.

The IP address has been secured.

Our own software for guardians.


Multiple connections may be managed.

Switching servers is a breeze.


In the case of a cross-platform desktop application (Windows, Linux, Apple).

There are more options available now.

Like the old, but better.

App that runs on the client’s end alone.

This site has been specially designed to work well on mobile devices.

The use of a dark theme, for example.



In order to better communicate with our beta testers, we’ve set up a Discord server.


In order to manage Linux systems more efficiently, TinyCP has been developed.

There are many features in TinyCP, despite its small size, that may be used on a Linux machine.

Mailboxes and Databases for Domain Administration




Although only Debian/Ubuntu-based systems may use TinyCP at the time of this writing, CentOS is expected to get it soon.

You must register with an email address before you can receive the instructions and your account ID from TinyCP.

AaPanel VS TinyCP 2022


aaPanel is a lightweight but capable control panel for Linux servers that is available under the GNU General Public License.
Install LNMP, LAMP, and OpenLiteSpeed with a single click.


TinyCP is a web-based system administration tool for Linux-like operating systems.


Is there anything more I can think of?

The following goods may also be taken into account when comparing aaPanel with TinyCP:

A web hosting control panel that is built on OpenLiteSpeed, CyberPanel is called CyberPanel.

cPanel & WHM has been the most dependable and user-friendly control panel in the web hosting market since 1997, thanks to its first-rate support and comprehensive feature set.

This is the Vesta Control Panel.
Vesta’s speed and ease of use make it a favorite of mine.

For Unix systems, Webmin is a web-based system management tool.

An open-source Linux hosting control panel called ISPConfig 3 is called ISPConfig 3.

TinyCP Alternatives

Last Words

You can simply establish domains, databases, email accounts, and FTP accounts with TinyCP, a lightweight control panel packed with useful features.
The UI is straightforward and easy to use.
With those who are strapped for cash but still want a way to set up and administer their system, this might be a viable option.

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