What’s YouTube’s Ad Revenue 2020?

What’s YouTube’s Ad Revenue 2020?

YouTube disclosed its ad revenue for the first time. The company generated more than 15 15 billion in advertising revenue last year alone – 36 percent more than in 2018 and 86 percent more than in 2017. The platform accounts for 10% of Google’s total revenue.

Curtains raised for YouTube ad revenue!

YouTube has for the first time revealed why it is such a large advertising machine since the platform was purchased by Google in late 2006 for 1.76 billion. Last year, in 2019, YouTube made 15 billion from advertising –

Which is 36% compared to 2018 and 86% compared to 2017

What Is YouTube’s Ad Revenue 2020?

Google CEO Sundar Pachai has reported that in fiscal year 2019, YouTube earned 15.1 billion ad revenue. These numbers show that YouTube ads account for about 10% of all Google revenue.

These figures make up about one-fifth of YouTube’s advertising business, the size of Facebook (2020: $ 69 billion, + 25 ٪), and more than six times the total Amazon-owned Twitch.

How much money did YouTube make in 2020

YouTube sees “significant current opportunity” with both direct-responding advertisers, as well as brand advertising campaigns, Luffbit CFO Ruth Purat said in a statement.

Over the past two years, YouTube’s advertising revenue has grown by more than 35% each year

Ruth Poorat, chief financial officer, said YouTube brand ad growth has accelerated in the first two months of the quarter, but it began experimenting with headwinds in mid-March.

“YouTube’s direct-response ads, which entice viewers to buy something,” he said, adding that “there has been a lot of growth year after year throughout the quarter.”

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