Where did this need come from - to use external staff

Any business, if it is officially conducted in compliance with all financial and legal requirements, consists of a much larger number of processes. Even if you have a company with several employees, then, in addition to the main business process, you will have to deal with several equally important and mandatory processes (for example, keep accounting, carry out transportation, logistics, use software, etc.).


Where did this need come from – to use external staff

After all, it would seem that it is much more pleasant when the company has a staff of employees who solve all the issues. However, at the heart of most business needs is always efficiency. And even if there were no crises, the need to do each process more efficient would still lead to the division of all functions of the campaign. They are devided into core and related ones.

Specialized functions and personnel are those who make the main product of the company, with have all the necessary attributes. They are etter than others, cheaper than others, etc. And the company’s task is to load them with work to the maximum.

Ancillary functions – most often these are supporting functions for the normal work of the main/specialized personnel. And their workload is determined by the needs of the main/specialized personnel.

For example, in a law firm, lawyers are the core staff, selling services that the firm earns its profits from. Accordingly, the task of the firm’s management is to maximize the workload of full-time lawyers. But IT specialists perform only those functions that are necessary to ensure the operation of computers, networks, programs, and other tools. Here a dilemma arises. For everything to work stably and in the event of failures, it can be quickly restored – you need a qualified game art outsourcing company. But if he is a professional, then the whole process is streamlined and he has nothing to do most of his working time. And it is expensive because he is a specialist.

In this situation, the most logical way out is to conclude an outsourcing agreement for IT personnel, according to which a specialist will solve emerging issues in a law firm. But she will not pay him the full salary, but only for the amount of work performed.

Benefits of game outsource studios

There are certain benefits in outsource animation services. Several advantages of outsourcing can be identified, among which in the first place is:

  1. Outsourcing implies greater transparency (it is not the process that is evaluated, but the finished result). Changing a supplier (outsourcer) is easier than changing personnel. When outsourcing, the company significantly reduces its risks (sharing them with the outsourcer).
  2. The savings are achieved because an outsourcing company that provides a specialist can provide him at the same time to different companies. Thereby making the most of his time.
  3. Quality level – for a company that provides outsourcing services, this type of activity is the main / core one. It can afford to devote much more time to all aspects of a specific activity. It’s from the special equipment of an employee to his deeper professional training and the use of the experience of many specialists. The company will never engage in non-core activities.
  4. Reliability and guarantees are another major, in my opinion, an advantage in many areas of business. According to labor law, if your employee gets sick and provides a formalized certificate, then you cannot demand from him to go to work. And no matter what happens there.
  5. Deadlines. Under an outsourcing agreement, it doesn’t matter for you whether the outsourcer’s employees are sick or they are robots. There are a contract, guarantees, and responsibility for their observance. If one got sick or failed, give another. All disciplinary, administrative, motivational, and other problems with employees no longer concern you! It is this advantage of outsourcing that makes it very popular in areas where personnel issues are most acute.
  6. High qualification. For a variety of reasons, game art outsource can be much more qualified. In his work, he uses a larger number of good, often expensive paid services and programs. These are much more affordable for him to acquire than if he worked with only one customer.

The results can be seen in game art portfolio. Outsourcing is an excellent option to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality of organizations whose main activity is information technology. Efficiency is achieved by transferring one of the company’s activities, which is not core to the customer, to another organization that specializes in this.

The main advantages of external management are the reduction of gross costs and the freeing up of the company’s resources for conducting core activities. The contractor performs the same functions as its counterpart in the form of a full-time division of the enterprise. However, as a specialist in his field, he does it more efficiently, simultaneously relieving the load from the client.

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