Who Is Last Line No Longer Available in IPohne13 14 and more 2022?

Are you continually seeing the ‘ Last Line No Longer Available ‘ issue on your iPhone 13 while attempting to contact your default phone number?
Remain calm since you are not alone in your struggle with this recurring difficulty.
Numerous users of the iPhone 13 have complained about this problem with iOS 15.
While the issue seems most prevalent on the iPhone 13 series, it also affects earlier iPhone models running iOS 15.
As usual, we’ve put up a tutorial to assist you in resolving the ‘ Last Line No Longer Available ‘ problem on iPhone 13.
Therefore, let us enter troubleshooting mode and consider some feasible remedies to the problem!

Who Is Last Line No Longer Available in IPohne13 14 and more 2022?

Error Message “Last Line No Longer Available ” on iPhone:
It is referred to as the  Last Line No Longer Available.
Notably, it affects users of iOS 15 and iPhone 13.
The error notice shows each time you call someone from the Recent list.
Here’s how to correct the mistake.
Before we begin, let us ascertain the nature of the issue.

The issue with the iPhone 13’s ‘ Last Line No Longer Available.’

Numerous iPhone 13 customers have upgraded to iOS 15. However, it seems as if the version included a glitch.

The problem above displays the message “Last Line No Longer Available Would you want to call using your remaining line?”

To further clarify the problem, Rocket Yard reports that the gadget attempts to access the iPhone’s eSIM,  next iPhone electronic Subscriber Identity Module, rather than a conventional SIM card.

The iPhone users will be unable to make an outgoing call in the worst-case scenario.
Additionally, the problem significantly impacts various Apple devices running iOS 15, including the current iPhone 13.

Fortunately, there are workarounds for the 13 iPhone  ” Last Line No Longer Available” problem.

5 Ways to Resolve the ‘ Last Line No Longer Available’ Error on the iPhone 13?

1. Perform an operating system update.

While Apple has yet to solve the vexing pop-up problem in any of its iOS updates, the potential exists that the tech giant may do so in the future.

However, if users of the iPhone 13 are unsure if they are running the new operating system, it is advisable to do the upgrade manually.

2. Reboot iPhone 13

It is a time-honored technique of computer repair that dates back to the early days of desktop computers and instructs users to ” turn off iphone 13 and on again. last line no longer available iphone 13

Surprisingly, it also works with iPhones!

Long press the iPhone 13’s power button until the slider appears.

Once it appears, move it to the right to turn the gadget off.

Finally, users of Apple devices should wait at least 30 seconds before reopening the device.

3. Removing and Replacing the Sim Card Tray

Apart from phone call records, Apple users should attempt to remove and reinsert the sim card tray.

The first step is to shut down the iPhone 13 or any other Apple device experiencing the ” Last Line No Longer Available” problem.

After powering down the device, find the sim card slot and press a sharp instrument against its hole to remove the sim card tray.

Remove the sim card and reinstall it in the tray.

4. Delete the whole Call Log

Because it is connected to phone calls, Rocket Yard asserts that this strategy has been successful.

Locate the “Phone” app with the telephone symbol on the home screen.

Once you’ve identified the Phone app, go to the “Recents” button, placed on the bottom of the screen under the “Favorites” option.

Select the “Clear” button in the top left corner of the screen after touching the Recents button.

After selecting the Clear button, touch the bottom-of-the-screen message “Clear All Recipients.”

5:Airplane mode may be enabled or disabled.

When you go to Airplane mode on your iPhone, the communication modules are reset.
Your iPhone’s connection to the mobile network is lost.

Turn on Airplane mode and then turn it off after a few moments.
By heading to the Control Center, you may activate Airplane mode.
Select the Airplane button to activate it.
Rep the previous procedures to disable Airplane mode.

Resolve the issue with ‘Last Line Is No Longer Available’ on iOS 15 or later.

The list of techniques and strategies for resolving the  Last Line No Longer Available’ problem on your iPhone 13 or an earlier iPhone model.
As indicated before, the issue is most likely network-related.
As a result, troubleshooting options such as resetting network settings or upgrading carrier settings are more likely to cure the issue.
Kindly notify me of which solution assisted you in resolving the ‘Last Line Not Available’ problem on your iPhone.
Additionally, please provide any other suggestions to troubleshoot this vexing problem in the comments section below.


The Finale


If you are unfamiliar with technology, it may seem challenging to correct the final line on the iPhone, but it is simple. All of the techniques given are straightforward; follow the instructions carefully to resolve the problem. The strategies outlined above will assist you in resolving the  Last Line No Longer Available problem.
If not, you may contact a service facility to get it repaired.

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