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Kidz Bop is a household name in the world of children’s music, known for producing kid-friendly versions of popular songs. While many parents and kids enjoy the catchy tunes and family-friendly lyrics, some may wonder about the ownership of this beloved brand. In this article, we will delve into the ownership of Kidz Bop, its history, and address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to its ownership and operation.

Ownership of Kidz Bop:

Kidz Bop was founded by the entertainment company “Razor & Tie,” which is known for its focus on children’s music and family entertainment. However, the ownership of Kidz Bop has evolved over the years.

  1. Razor & Tie: Founded in 1990, Razor & Tie was responsible for launching the Kidz Bop series in 2001. At that time, the label was primarily owned by Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam. The duo played a significant role in shaping Kidz Bop into what it is today.
  2. Concord Music Group: In 2016, Concord Music Group, a subsidiary of Concord, acquired Razor & Tie. This acquisition expanded Concord’s presence in the music industry and solidified its ownership of the Kidz Bop brand.
  3. KIDZ BOP LLC: Following the acquisition, Kidz Bop became a part of Concord Music Group’s portfolio. The Kidz Bop brand operates under the entity known as “KIDZ BOP LLC.”

Who owns Kidz Bop?

Kidz Bop is currently owned by Concord Bicycle Music, an American independent record label that specializes in children’s music. Concord Bicycle Music is part of Concord Music Group, which is itself owned by The Carlyle Group, a global investment firm.

Kidz Bop History

Kidz Bop was founded in 2001 by Craig Balsam and Cliff Chenfeld. The company’s first release, Kidz Bop 1, was a compilation album of popular songs that had been re-recorded with child-friendly lyrics. The album was a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies in the United States.

Since then, Kidz Bop has released over 30 albums, all of which have been certified platinum or multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Kidz Bop has also had several successful singles, including “Lean On Me,” “Uptown Funk,” and “Despacito.”

Kidz Bop’s Popularity

Kidz Bop is popular with children of all ages, and its albums are often given as gifts for birthdays and holidays. The company’s success is due in part to its ability to create child-friendly versions of popular songs that are still enjoyable for adults to listen to. Kidz Bop also tours regularly, and its concerts are always sold out.

FAQs About Kidz Bop Ownership:

1. Who originally created Kidz Bop?

  • Kidz Bop was created by the entertainment company “Razor & Tie,” founded by Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam.

2. Is Kidz Bop still owned by Razor & Tie?

  • No, Kidz Bop is no longer owned by Razor & Tie. In 2016, Concord Music Group acquired Razor & Tie, which includes Kidz Bop.

3. Who owns Kidz Bop now?

  • Kidz Bop is owned by Concord Music Group, a major player in the music industry.

4. What does KIDZ BOP LLC do?

  • KIDZ BOP LLC is responsible for overseeing and managing the Kidz Bop brand, including the production of albums, concerts, merchandise, and related activities.

5. Is Kidz Bop associated with any other companies?

  • While Kidz Bop is primarily owned by Concord Music Group, it may collaborate with various partners for specific projects, such as music releases or promotional events.

Q: Who are the current members of Kidz Bop?

A: The current members of Kidz Bop are:

  • Ava Caroline
  • Brooklyn Skye
  • Camden Mills
  • Cooper Green
  • Peyton Mansell

Q: How often does Kidz Bop release new albums?

A: Kidz Bop typically releases two new albums per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Q: Where can I buy Kidz Bop albums?

A: Kidz Bop albums are available for purchase at most major retailers, including Amazon, Target, and Walmart. You can also download Kidz Bop songs from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Q: How can I see Kidz Bop live in concert?

A: Kidz Bop tours regularly throughout the United States. You can find tour dates and ticket information on the Kidz Bop website.

Q: Is Kidz Bop appropriate for children of all ages?

A: Kidz Bop albums are designed to be appropriate for children of all ages. However, some parents may find that certain songs are not appropriate for their younger children. It is always important to listen to the album before giving it to your child.


Kidz Bop, the beloved children’s music brand, has evolved in ownership over the years. Originally created by Razor & Tie, it is now a part of the Concord Music Group’s portfolio, operating under the entity KIDZ BOP LLC. As a brand that continues to produce family-friendly music, Kidz Bop remains a staple in households across the world, providing entertaining and age-appropriate songs for young listeners.

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