Writing an Argumentative Essay

When writing an argumentative essay, you need more than an opinion or a position to convince your readers. To impress your professor, you will need to support your points using credible evidence and logical reasoning. Like most academic projects at this level, the argumentative essay comes with strict instructions for writing and formatting. In addition, the assignment will account for a considerable portion of your grade. Here are some tips on how to ace this important project. 

  • Read and Understand the Requirements 

To create a successful argumentative essay for college, you need to make sure that you understand what the task demands. This type of assignment demands taking a position and determining which side of the argument to embrace. To achieve this, read through the prompt, highlighting significant phrases and keywords. 

The prompt should also offer information on the formatting style for your text and the number of expected sources. Once you know what your professor wants, you can start working on a plan to tackle the project. If you need assistance, search for write my essay support online. 

  • Choose an Interesting Topic 

When tasked with creating an argumentative essay, understand that this type of project requires you to investigate a specific topic, gather and review evidence, and take a position on the subject. Often students are assigned specific topics to choose from, which means that they have to write within the scope of the assigned task. In such an instance, what sets your writing apart from those of your peers is your approach. 

However, when given the freedom to choose your topic, use the opportunity to demonstrate creativity and critical thinking. Pick a relevant topic, staying within the limitations of the instructions in the assignment prompt. Also, choose an area you find interesting and narrow down your selection. 

You should also perform some preliminary research to discover the availability of credible sources in your chosen topic area. However, don’t panic if you cannot find a great topic for your paper. You can easily get private writing help from professionals online. 

  • Create a Working Thesis 

Once you have understood what the task requires and have picked a topic for your paper, you need to create a working thesis. In academic writing, thesis statements show the main arguments presented in the text and guide the reader’s expectations. A good thesis entails a presentation of the topic of your paper, your main focus, and the opinion you support on the topic. 

A working thesis differs from the final statement because it can change as you continue with the research process. However, it gives you adequate focus and direction to prepare for your essay, gather the required evidence, write your paper, and make revisions. 

  • Brainstorm Generate an Outline 

Before writing, it is important to know what elements will go into your argumentative essay. Outlining helps students structure their papers depending on the task and the audience. In addition, it guides the analysis by highlighting the main points and supporting evidence. In the process, the outline ensures writers remain within the boundaries of the task and do not stray during research. 

To create an outline, start by brainstorming for ideas. This means writing down points as you they come to you. Brainstorming is deliberate, intended to help you generate unique points for further exploration. Remember that an argumentative writing style requires you to present both sides of your argument. This means planning for likely counterarguments. 

Make sure to plan for the sections and subsections of your paper, and if you don’t have the time to create an impressive document, order custom paper writing help online. 

  • Research and Organize Findings 

Research and Organize Findings

Although instructors want you to present original arguments, they expect such discussions to be anchored on credible evidence and examples. Academic writing should be entrenched in the body of knowledge in a given field. 

Search for reliable sources using the points in your outline. You can find sources on electronic databases. Make sure to choose a variety of sources, mixing info from peer-reviewed journal articles with data and evidence from government publications, books, and reliable websites. Also, organize your findings, making sure to record bibliographic information for citing your sources. 

  • Write and Revise Your Paper 

An argumentative essay assignment aims to test students’ ability to debate issues and present logical points supported with credible evidence. You need to ensure that your text comprises a clear introduction and well-argued body paragraphs for this paper. You should finish off with a concise conclusion that ties everything together. 

This article offers ideas on how to create a great argumentative essay. Remember that you will need to create several drafts before the work is ready for assessment. So, start by presenting your ideas, then revise the text for syntax, formatting, and grammar mistakes. You can also ask someone else to revise the essay for you.


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