You wear it on your wrist, it is both elegant and smart at the same time

Countless forms of elegance are known. Some swear by negligence. Different to modern. Many, on the other hand, like classic elegance for the most part, after all, it is the most timeless form of a chic look. They seem to think the same way because the manufacturer’s latest smartwatch not only knows everything that can be expected from a top model in 2021, but it is also a particularly exciting experience to wear.


And this is not so much a new finding, as the previous two generations have already focused on subtlety rather than the spectacular flashes of robust technologies. The primary goal of these classes is to wear them as confidently at a business meeting as at a romantic dinner or even during sports – they need to stand out in three completely different life situations without really hanging out from either.


That’s the real challenge – something that Huawei isn’t taking for the first time, seemingly easily. The series includes two models. The slightly narrower Watch 3 is aimed at the average user, while the one that visited us, which also advertises professionalism on its behalf, tries to please customers (who have even seen a lot, are veterans in terms of premium devices) with a huge battery.

What makes it elegant?

The watch named after it doesn’t even seem clever, and that’s perhaps the greatest praise that representatives of this product category can receive. Believe me, who wouldn’t hiss from the lush, angular shapes, or the clock bodies that show many buttons without any individuality? The watch is not only an object of use but also an accessory – it is important that it meets the expectations of the outside.


At this point, the Watch 3 Pro is taking the exam. The titanium watch body that forms the perfect circle, the leather strap (or even the titanium) that can be worn comfortably even in the subtle, forty-degree heat, or the fact that it has only two buttons: a dial at ten o’clock height, whose haptic feedback is a very nice extra because we also blindly know how much we moved in a given menu) as well as a field button at three o’clock – well, these qualities immediately fall in love with lovers of beautiful watches. The 1.43-inch, beautiful AMOLED display dominates the dial, and free of unnecessary frills, this is the element of the device that commands respect at first glance.

Being an AMOLED display, black is really carbon black here, and the watch face flashes when we turn our wrists towards us thanks to the built-in gyroscope. The brightness of the display is almost a thousand nit, which means we can see what the clock face shows even in bright sunshine. What’s more, the touch-sensitive display, by swiping your finger down, you will find, in addition to the usual options (settings, “Do Not Disturb”, Alarm, etc.), a flashlight button that literally covers the display with a flood of light.


All of these features are, of course, rare among smart mushroom-breeding smartwatches anyway, because they’re a damn immersion to ax. There is nothing more disappointing when we are begging for the charger for the recommended hour for everything from sports to glitter pony rides to space travel, and we, as experienced users tired of the acidity of the axes, are already reaching from our gut to our bag for the charging cable.

This is the point where the Watch 3, and especially the Watch 3 Pro, really stands out: according to the manufacturer’s official statement, the two devices have two and three weeks if we don’t skim them, but they also bring three and five days of active use, respectively. . And we can support that – the Pro was depleted during the test, precisely because we forgot to charge, it was so self-evident that the device works continuously.

This is not a typical feature of smartwatches – i.e. it still stands to be the smartest praise for a smartwatch if it doesn’t seem smart.


And even smart

Even if it is anyway. The Huawei Watch 3 Series is powered by the manufacturer’s own operating system called HarmonyOS, which, thanks to its Linux base, will be immediately available to any user who sees a smartwatch. Because Huawei has not used Google services for some time, it is essential to register a Huawei ID to operate the watch. After that, however, the watch can be paired with both Android and iOS devices, which is otherwise surprisingly independent.


In addition to the standard Bluetooth connection, it also has Wifi, and we even have the option of eSIM registration, which means that with a suitable service provider, this watch can function as an automatic phone. We can’t say that this would be the recommended user focus, but it’s definitely commendable that a premium watch gives users so much freedom.


It also gives you the freedom to use two devices, your phone and your watch for different purposes. For example, you can play any online game, like Admiral online slots on your phone while you reply to messages on your smartwatch.


In addition to the mandatory functions (message reception, call handling, weather alarm, replaceable clock sheets, downloadable applications), the medical functions of the watch deserve the main drive. All-day blood oxygen monitoring and continuous heart rate measurement have become essential functions in a world that has become even more health-conscious during the coronavirus epidemic than before, with elegant design and professional implementation in all areas.

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