Zoom says Sunday morning outage resolved

Users of the video conferencing platform Zoom were reporting difficulties in hosting and attending meetings on Sunday. “Our team is investigating the root cause of the issues involved in the zoom meetings. These issues appear to be limited to subsets of customers,” according to an update on the company’s status page before 10am ET.

As of 11:39 AM ET, the status page says that users will now be able to host, join, and participate in zoom meetings and zoom video webinars if they resume their sessions. Will continue to review which has affected our subset of customers and monitoring has not ensured further operational impact.

A Zoom spokesman did not give a reason for the break, but said in an email to The Techvig: “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.”

Zoom users in the UK first began seeing massive shutdowns today, although free accounts seem to be working

normally. Some churches have begun using Zoom to conduct virtual Sunday services during coronavirus epidemics.

There has been a dramatic increase in the overall use of Zoom during the epidemic, and from “Zombombing” to trolls, Zoom’s “Company Directory” setting has highlighted the security issues of the platform, allowing the user to Emails and photos may be leaked.

it was not immediately clear how widespread it was or what caused it.

Updated 11:55 AM ET: Added the latest zoom update that fixes the block

Updated 1:03 pm ET: Comment by Zoom Spokesperson

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